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Digipuppets Review

Reading Time: 2 minutes We were sent these Digipuppets free to review a few weeks back. When we first opened the companion apps, I was a little worried that maybe my nearly-3-year-old might be a little young for some of the activities, but she jumped into the

Sweet Calcium

Reading Time: 2 minutes Taking a supplement in pill form seems so passé these days. You can get so many in a gummy format these days, even fiber… which seems very odd to me. But you know what is an even better way to get it? In chocolate

Cuerpaso: Natural Butt Lift & Tummy Tuck

Reading Time: 4 minutes I was sent the workout DVD Cuerpaso to review, “cuerpaso” meaning amazing body in Spanish and Portuguese (so they claim). It stars Tadeo, who is (I’m told) a “celebrity fitness trainer” and the DVD incorporates “endurance and strength training soccer drills with energetic Brazilian dance


Reading Time: 2 minutes I got an email a bit ago asking if I wanted to try anything from MooMotion, a new company that makes tri-gear. I replied that I wanted to be clear that I’m not a triathlete (fear of the swim, yo!) but they said

BackJoy Posture+

Reading Time: 4 minutes About 2 years or so ago I stumbled upon BackJoy online and was tempted to see if it could help eliminate the knots in my back. In the end I wrote it off as some kind of ploy to steal my money, because