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Arctic Ease

 A couple of months ago I was sent some Arctic Ease to try out. And I looked at it, but wasn’t quite sure how best to evaluate it when I didn’t feel that I needed the product at that moment. So I kind of sat on it and pondered it… until this weekend when I


So… we all know that sleep is a great form of recovery, right? But what if where we’re sleeping is actually causing more problems? I was sent a bunch of sleep gear in the REM-Fit by Protect-a-Bed line to give my bed a makeover and I’m going to be testing it for a while. Right

Review: Gatorade G Series Fit

For some odd reason, my slightly sarcastic review of the Gatorade G Series is one of the more popular posts on this site. It brings in A LOT of search engine traffic. It’s also brought in some snide, rude and flat-out mean comments. The ones that are completely off-base have been deleted, this is my

NEDAwareness 2011: February 20-26

I went public about my eating disorder on this site (and to many friends/family) during NEDAwareness week a year ago. National Eating Disorders Awareness Week. It was a hard decision, I often feel that it would be better received if I said that I was addicted to prescription pain killers or if I said I

Break Needed

After this most recent race, I need a break… both physically and mentally.  I’ve been stressed to the max lately, and while running should be an escape from that stress, in some ways it has added to the stress.  The pressure I’ve placed on myself to try to run certain amounts per week/month/year all being

Fuel Review: Gatorade G Series

I received an email from a local grocery store about the weekly e-coupons available. As usual, I took a glance at them although I rarely choose to apply any of the “deals” to my shoppers card. (Usually the coupons are for twinkies and extreme nacho cheese tortilla chips and baby wipes… things I don’t buy.