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LYFE Kitchen Preview

Reading Time: 3 minutes I hadn’t heard of LYFE Kitchen until a few weeks ago, but there is a new location open here in Las Vegas (well…. it’s in Henderson, but that detail probably only really matters to people who live here!) and I got to go

Pure Barre Las Vegas

Reading Time: 4 minutes Lately I’ve become kind of obsessed with barre workouts. So when I had the opportunity to visit the Las Vegas Pure Barre studio, I was ALL OVER THAT! The first Friday of each month is “Bring a Friend For Free” – so it’s

Ragnar Relay Las Vegas 2013 Recap

Reading Time: 6 minutes On November 8-9, 2013 I ran the Ragnar Relay Las Vegas as part of the team My Little Ponies and Holy cow… what an awesome experience! I seriously had so much fun! First, I was extremely worried about this. I was nervous because

Ragnar Relay Las Vegas 2013

Reading Time: 2 minutes Last night I went to the kickoff party for the Ragnar Relay Las Vegas, held in downtown Las Vegas at Zappos HQ. The location was insane… of course, I hate going downtown so that may color my opinion about the spot. But unlike

Week in Re/Preview

Reading Time: 2 minutes Perhaps, maybe, possibly, feasibly… I’ve found a schedule that works for my summer training? (Is it really “training” if I’m not signed up for a specific event yet? Maybe my summer “maintenance” is what I should call it?) Anyway… Running at night after