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SOL REPUBLIC Relays Headphones

I was sent a pair of SOL REPUBLIC’s Relays headphones to review, headphones that are meant to be used for an “active life”. Meaning it has the benefits of a sports headphone but also a day-to-day set as well. They are made to just pop right into the ear without need for lots of adjustments, but

Jabra Sport Bluetooth Stereo Sports Headset

Jabra Sport Bluetooth Stereo Headset is a really long title for a product… but it’s also a pretty nice little gadget. Short and simple explanation: it is sport headphones that connect to your bluetooth enabled phone so you can listen to tunes without cords dangling around and take calls while you’re on the go. (Not

Headphone Innovations

I’ve written about headphones/earbuds on here many times. It seems like so many of us are looking for the ideal pair of headphones. And I have some definite ideas about what I feel would be the ideal set-up for me. Recently I’ve found two things that seem pretty cool and just wanted to share them

Tuning in vs. Zoning out

Nothing irritated me more as a coach than running up next to someone to ask, “How’s it going?” and receiving no response because the runner has headphones in and their music turned up so loud they weren’t even aware of me coming up next to them. The reason it bothers me so much isn’t because

Product Review: Yurbuds

A while back I was offered a pair of Yurbuds to test and review. And then I got busy doing so many of my runs while coaching, that I never had the time to just chill out with headphones and do a run on my own! But I’ve taken a few opportunities lately to do