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DJs for PJs 5K [Race Report]

This morning Alex and I ran the DJs for PJs 5K. Well… I ran it, she went along for the ride. I picked up my packet the day before at a local Kohl’s store. Part of the event was a pajama drive for kids, so I had purchased a pair …

Commitment Day 5K

Race Report: Commitment Day 5K

After I ended 2012 with a 10K, I started 2013 with a 5K. This time I ran the Commitment Day 5K,  a race produced by Lifetime events that was run all around the country to encourage people to kick off their year with a commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Each …

The Color Run 2012 - Finish Line Color Bomb

Race Report: The Color Run

Let’s just preface this by saying: I don’t like being dirty. Yard work sucks because you have to dig in the dirt. Getting sweaty and smelly is probably my least favorite part of running. The idea of doing a mud run kind of freaks me out because I’d be so …

Race for the Cure 2010

Today was the 4th year in a row my mom and I have done the Las Vegas Race for the Cure event. This event is the closest I’ve come to running in a “costume”. Witness:

Gobble Gobble

I ran the local “Catch the Gobbler” 5K race this morning. It rained most of the day yesterday and overnight. It was a little drizzly this morning, but cleared up for the race. Mainly the idea was to avoid the big puddles! Don’t know exactly what my time was, don’t …