11 Things Before List Posts are Totally Out

… and because I need to post. It’s part of who I am, I feel empty without blurting my thoughts on the internet regularly.

  1. I have not been as prolific in my blogging as I used to be able to maintain. I just feel like every minute of every day is being sucked away from me before I can realize they’re gone. BUT…. I did spend time I should have spent reviewing a book for the blog to change the design of the site! Productive procrastination!
  2. Years ago, I used to get up at 4am to run so I could be cleaned up and ready to work by 6am (my days of overworking myself and giving my employer way more hours than they deserve from me) but I feel like I need every bit of sleep I can get these days. I think part of it is that I’m mentally and emotionally exhausted all the time lately that it gets harder to have energy to physically exhaust myself.
  3. That doesn’t mean that I avoid physical exhaustion. I love that I’ve built up to runs in the double-digits once more. That feels like a happier place for me with my running.
  4. It’s also nice to know that A will sleep in longer so I can run longer on Saturdays.
  5. Speaking of A… that kid is so amazing! She is 23-months-old now, she’ll be 2 next month! TWO! She is a smart little chatterbox and she’s got a sense of humor and a daredevil edge. I definitely didn’t have that, she scares me the way she likes to jump off things so much, but it’s also great to see the gleam of excitement in her eyes when she does it. Yet, she was terrified to sit on the carousel horses at the Santa Monica pier.
  6. I read the book 10% Happier: How I Tamed the Voice in My Head, Reduced Stress Without Losing My Edge, and Found Self-Help That Actually Works–A True Story recently. Highly enjoyable book. I have two sides of me… the side that likes slightly-hippy-dippy-woo-woo-new-agey things, the other side that is far too cynical to fully embrace them. This book is an awesome balance, even more toward the cynic side in a completely fantastic way!
  7. I have this little obsession now that I want to run the Route 66 Marathon in Tulsa, OK. Why? Well…. all because of their  “Center of the Universe Detour” gimmick.  Someday I will run the shortest ultra out there… 26.5 miles. Oh yes…. someday, I will run that.
  8. I dyed some of my hair pink about 3 weeks ago with a henna hair color. I love love love it. Yes, it is worthy of three emotive declarations. But it’s faded quite a bit, so I want to refresh that. But then I thought…. what about purple? And blue? No green… that just seems wrong. Maybe I should have got the funny hair colors out of my system when I was younger, before I was in my mid-30’s? Who cares… I was too serious when I was younger.
    Pink hair
  9. I really do not like Linkin Park. And Linkin Park is always playing when I turn on the car. Is there some kind of law that Linkin Park must be playing on the radio at all times?
  10. Sometimes I wish I had more flexibility in my life. That I could run as many races as I want, in as many locations as I desire and go for as long of runs as I feel like. Of course, if I had the flexibility to do that… I probably wouldn’t have the money to do that. Damn life catch-22’s…
  11. Peanut M&M’s…. I’m addicted. I don’t really want an intervention, mmmmkay?

Wahoo’s TICKR Run Heart Rate Monitor


Wahoo Fitness has introduced TICKR Run and they sent me one to try! (Full disclosure, the device was given to me for free and the thoughts here are all my own.) TICKR Run is the first heart rate monitor with activity tracking that provides real-time analysis of a runner’s form, helping to improve efficiency and avoid injury rates. The device pairs with iOS and Android smartphones and other devices and retails for $79.99.


Want the official lingo on how it works?

Using a triple axis motion sensor, TICKR Run contains an accelerometer that measures a runner’s form in three planes: vertically, side-to-side and front-to-back. Those sensors and Wahoo’s fitness app for iOS and Android (update to be released in the coming months) produce a measurement of each runner’s form called Running Smoothness. Developed exclusively by Wahoo, Running Smoothness is a sophisticated algorithm that assigns varying levels of importance to each axis and combines them into a single, easy-to-understand index. Using Running Smoothness, athletes can improve their form to avoid unnecessary body motion, which improves efficiency and reduces the risk of common running injuries. Using Wahoo’s app, runners can even track Running Smoothness through their workout history to see improvements over long periods of time.

The TICKR Run review in Jill-speak… It paired really easily with both my iPhone and my Garmin Forerunner 220 watch. Using it with the Forerunner alone you get a solid and consistent heart-rate reading, one of the most reliable I’ve ever used. Used with the app, you get the added benefit of Running Smoothness, which I don’t use all the time because I’m content with my Garmin, but when I’ve played with it I’ve been impressed. It usually has pretty comparable stats for stride rate as my Forerunner, but there’s also the added information about side-to-side motion and ground contact time. There is a treadmill mode as well, so you can use your connected device, TICKR Run and get all the same data.


If you don’t want to use a new app for tracking, it pairs with over 50 of the most popular fitness apps out there (including Runkeeper, Strava, MapMyFitness, etc.)

An additional perk from Wahoo is they offer BURN & BURST heart rate training plans. The BURN plan is designed to optimize fat burn and the BURST works on your speed and performance. This is a nice benefit for those who want to use the power of tapping into their heart rate for training optimization but aren’t quite sure how to approach that.


I’ve been impressed with the strap. It is comfortable and easy to put on, the closure is controlled by hooking on the sensor, so no reaching behind to blindly fiddle for a little hook closure. Once on and after it’s been paired, I’ve not once had a problem with it losing the connection or failing to recognize my heart rate.  Since it has the bonus of being able to pair with your phone and various apps, that frees you up to use it for a multitude of sports/fitness activities, which makes it a more universally appealing option.

Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.

Every Move [Giveaway]

EveryMove Prize Pack

Have you heard of EveryMove? I hadn’t until a few weeks ago, but it’s a pretty neat little site/app. It can automatically pull in the fitness data you are posting on other sites (think Strava, Garmin Connect, RunKeeper, etc.) or you can manually enter an activity. For every activity you enter, you earn points.

EveryMove app screenshot

These points can be put toward rewards! A majority of them are for pretty good discounts on purchasing a product, so it’s not like they’re all freebies. I recently earned a discount on a transition wrap from Orange Mud, which is actually something I’ve had my eye on. (No… not for triathlon since I don’t tri… but it can be used to cover car seats, useful for post races or runs that start away from home.) You can scroll through the rewards available and select which one you are working toward.

EveryMove app screenshot

There is a social component to the site too, so you can make friends there and use the community for support. But you are also perfectly able to work toward rewards on your own commenting or spreading the love.

They recently launched a revamped site as well as their app and to celebrate they’ve offered a prize pack to JillWillRun readers.

EveryMove Prize Pack

The prize pack will include:

Enter via the Rafflecopter widget. You can get points for following a whole bunch of companies on social media accounts as a thank you for offering this awesome prize pack.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

LYFE Kitchen Preview


I hadn’t heard of LYFE Kitchen until a few weeks ago, but there is a new location open here in Las Vegas (well…. it’s in Henderson, but that detail probably only really matters to people who live here!) and I got to go for a preview sampling. They were running through how it all works before their official open date, which was on Wednesday!


LYFE Kitchen is a kind of fast-casual restaurant that uses locally-harvested and sustainable ingredients whenever possible. So here in the desert, I’m guessing not much locally harvested! (Yes, I have a garden… I know it is possible to grow stuff here. But it’s hard. This year my peppers have flourished, but everything else is struggling. Last year I had tomato overload, which I’m missing this year.) Art Smith is the executive chef, but since I know him from Top Chef: Masters and eating at his restaurant Art and Soul in D.C. (apparently others know him from Oprah) it’s pretty safe to assume he’s NOT cooking at the local location!


The restaurant is bright, pretty and it just has a “healthy” vibe. There are fresh herbs growing right inside the door! The menu looks tasty and I want to try a lot of items on it. I think my toddler would like the food here a lot as well. Here’s a partial view of the menu, that was displayed at the register.


I got to pick a main item, a side and a drink. Here’s what I got:

Morning Tofu Wrap
scrambled tofu, gardein™ sausage, Daiya™ cheddar, arugula, avocado, cherry tomato, red onions, chipotle aioli in a whole wheat tortilla salsa fresca on the side
This was super tasty. One of the staff told me he eats that almost every day he’s there and he’s not a vegetarian. I really liked it!


Ginger Mint Chia water
filtered water infused with ginger, lime, mint and chia seeds
This was just subtle and refreshing. Like drinking fancy-pants water!


Berry bowl
uh…. berries.
What can I say… it’s a bowl of berries. But they were fresh, beautiful and there were no weird sauces or sugars dumped all over it. My kid would have said “MINE!” when it arrived.


They need a location on the west side of town now, so I can go there more often. But when I’m on that side of town, I’m definitely going to go again. It’s located right near Whole Foods, a Barre3 studio and Red Rock Running Company, so this is my kind of retail plaza!

140 S Green Valley Pkwy #142
Henderson, NV, United States 89012

Cuerpaso: Natural Butt Lift & Tummy Tuck


I was sent the workout DVD Cuerpaso to review, “cuerpaso” meaning amazing body in Spanish and Portuguese (so they claim). It stars Tadeo, who is (I’m told) a “celebrity fitness trainer” and the DVD incorporates “endurance and strength training soccer drills with energetic Brazilian dance movements to guarantee a fit, sexy body.” Guarantee, huh?  Also, it says that you will have a better butt, sleep better and your sex life will improve. Tall order from one little 48-minute workout DVD!


I will admit, the workout is fun. I broke a sweat and got my heart rate up. It was entertaining! Entertaining because it was a good time, but also because of the instructor and the girls in the video. The instructor, Tadeo, is easygoing and seems like he’d be fun to hang out with. But he makes me chuckle with some of the things he says. And the girls… well, I’m pretty sure they were picked to be in the video based on how they looked in their bikinis and not their Cuerpaso workout prowess. And honestly, who wears a fringe-y, string bikini to workout? Even on the beach, the vast majority of people probably wouldn’t wear that. Tadeo himself didn’t wear a speedo (although he mentions in the video that he rocks one!) to workout.

Cuerpaso video

The girls in the video weren’t like the cast in some workout videos where you feel intimidated by a mass of perfect people doing the workout perfectly. They were never all choreographed together, they looked clumsy from time-to-time and orange-bikini-girl even falls down at one point! I actually found it refreshing and relatable! And funny!

Cuerpaso videoI learned some good info from this video, one of which is that soccer players have the best butts. I know this now because Tadeo told me so.
Cuerpaso Video

And he wants you to improve your rear view from doing this workout. He’s watching out for you…Cuerpaso video

Really, he wants you to improve your rear view! Tadeo likes what he sees. (Orange bikini girl isn’t keeping up with her glute bridges!)Cuerpaso video

Tadeo also hopes you will enjoy how you look naked. He even said that after his ex-girlfriend and he would “finish a session” they would stand in front of a mirror and just enjoy how they looked naked. And that statement made me laugh out loud. More power to them! More power to them…

I don’t know how you’re going to judge that your sex life improves from this workout. Isn’t it highly probable that you’ll have a great session and a regular session at different times regardless of your workout just because of life? And I am now going to call it a “session” all the time because of Tadeo calling it that.

At one point Tadeo says the workout will help rid you of cellulite, because he hates cellulite and doesn’t want to see that on you. Kind of a misguided statement, since cellulite is a naturally occurring thing, some people have it more prominently than others. It’s almost like saying, “I hate eyelashes and don’t want to see them on you.” He does acknowledge that magic creams won’t help you with cellulite though, so there’s that positive.

I’ve sprinkled some sarcasm throughout this review, but it really is a good workout. And apparently he teaches a class in Santa Monica. If I had known that when I was there a couple of weeks ago, I would have tried to attend. (I’m just building up more and more reasons for why I need a return vacation to Santa Monica!) Oh, and according to the pictures… the women in the class wear normal workout clothing!

Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.

4th of July Runs in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Fireworks
Las Vegas Fireworks

Image from guardianlv.com

Did you know that Las Vegas is one of the top 10 destinations where average hotel rates are below $150 during the 4th of July holiday weekend*? Probably because it’s super hot and people can’t fathom coming here… but then again, every one of the casinos/bars/hotels is air-conditioned and pools are abundant.

As a Las Vegas resident, I can pretty much guarantee you that I will NOT be in a casino. And odds are high I will not be at a bar. Nor a hotel. But I am contemplating signing up for a 4th of July 5k. Here are the ones in the area I know about.

Roadrunner Saloon 4th of July Blast

Run by Desert Sky Adventures, this race starts/ends at the Roadrunner Saloon and takes participants on an out-back course on the Western Beltway Trail. It starts at 7am, costs $40 to signup at this time and participants get a shirt, goodie bag and medal.

Summerlin Firecracker 5k

Different registration costs for Summerlin and Non-Summerlin residents right now ($25 vs $35), participants get a shirt and refreshments. The course goes along trails in the Summerlin area, no traffic. At the finish participants can stay for the patriotic parade and other festivities. It starts at 6:30am.

Ultiman 5k

Presented by the UFC, this event happens in downtown Las Vegas, start/finish is at Hogs & Heifers. The course has UFC FIT™ challenges along the course and participants get a shirt and medal for completing the course. The race starts at 8am, after a warm-up at 7:30 led by UFC-related people. Right now it costs $45 for this race, but prices will increase to $50 on June 30.

So…. if you have no plans for the holiday, come roast in the desert for a good price. You can participate in a race AND party hard. There are lots of things happening around town, fireworks are usually shot off from several resorts all around the valley and you can usually find a pool or some A/C to cool off. Plus, if you visit Vegas and spend your hard-earned dollars, you are supporting my local economy! :-)

*According to Travelocity, top 10 destinations where hotels are below $150 on average for the holiday:

1. Las Vegas ($105)
2. Albuquerque ($112)
3. Colorado Springs ($116)
4. Memphis ($126)
5. Dallas / Ft. Worth ($126)
6. Orlando ($131)
7. Atlanta ($139)
8. Palm Springs ($140)
9. Minneapolis ($141)
10. Phoenix ($142)

Immersive Fitness: A New Approach to Group Fitness


I like group fitness classes, I just rarely have time for them. When you have to factor in the drive time that surrounds the workout, it eats into the day. Especially when you have a full-time job and a toddler you want to hang out with. Really specific classes (like barre…. I love you barre classes) are at studios and not at the corner gym, so it’s even further away to drive there.

But sometimes, you need to make time to hit one of these classes…. and if I had the opportunity to try a class in the new Les Mills IMMERSIVE FITNESS™ project, I’d be all over that!

Check it out:

Les Mills is the creator of many popular group fitness classes – BODYPUMP™ (weights), BODYCOMBAT™ (martial arts), RPM™ (indoor cycling), – and the new IMMERSIVE FITNESS™ classes are almost interactive, in that the studio has a cinema quality video projected onto a screen. The instructors cues are perfectly timed to synchronize with the music and graphics… thus the participants are “immersed” in the experience. Instead of just counting their reps, those involved get to react to visual cues. (Think ducking out of the way of objects flying toward you on the video.)

The promo video stars Genevieve Aitken, a stunt performer and actress. And while the classes probably won’t get you prepared to be an actual stunt person, you could delude yourself into thinking you are one for the duration of the class. I couldn’t help but think that some of the footage in the video could lead into the next specialty niche races, get chased by some crazies and fight them off to earn your medal!

You can check out thepr0ject on Instagram to see what’s going on with this as they go throughout their European tour to show it off. One reason to keep an eye on the account? They’re planning a US tour in 2015 with pop-up studios to allow people all over to try this concept. (Please put Las Vegas on the list. Please put Las Vegas on the list. Please put Las Vegas on the list.)

What do you think? Would you want to try this kind of class?

The next level of fitness is here. IMMERSIVE FITNESS™ surrounds participants with cinema quality video content projected onto screens of a purpose-built studio.  Exercise moves synchronize perfectly with music and graphics, creating a truly immersive fitness experience. Learn more!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Les Mills. The opinions and text are all mine.

My 5th Stitch Fix


I received my 5th Stitch Fix on Thursday. If you’re unfamiliar with the service, it is a styling service… You pay a $20 styling fee, fill out a style profile and get a box of 5 items selected by a stylist just for you based on feedback you provide. If you keep anything, your $20 styling fee is applied toward the purchase. If you buy everything you get a discount.

This box had a lot of misses, not all due to style but because of fit issues. I truly felt like a little girl playing dress up with much of these.

Pink Martini – Sally Mixed Striped Dress – $64

This is a dress with pockets! That’s totally awesome, dresses hardly ever have pockets. Doesn’t the world know I have a phone to carry around all the time? But alas, the sole presence of pockets could not redeem this one. First, I hate sweetheart necklines. Second, I was swimming in it… I think I need a bigger rack for this. Third, while it’s cute, the color made me feel a little like a creamsicle.

LA MADE – Perry Mix Striped Crossfront Racerback Maxi Dress – $98

I’m not a maxi dress person. Apparently I’m too short, although I’m not really that short and there are plenty of people shorter than me who wear them. Maybe they tailor them… I’m too lazy for that. Other problems with this dress, besides the puddling of material around my feet, the top was way too large. I don’t own an appropriate bra for the racerback. The crossfront is just wide open, thus I’m certain a toddler or a strong breeze would open it up to expose me in public.


Tart – Caroline Tie Dye Print Maxi Skirt – $98

First of all…. nearly $100 bucks for a polyester skirt? No… also, it’s too long, like every maxi item in existence. Also, it’s loose around the waist. I can pull it up to my armpits and it’s about the right length to my feet, but then I just look like I’m wearing the ugliest muumuu ever!


Ellison – Josie Cut-Out Embroidery Detail Cotton Tank – $48

I like the idea of this tank, it’s got potential. But it costs too much for a white tank that will get dirty too easily, it’s way too big and billowy and I could probably have worn it when I was 8th months pregnant.


Kensie Jeans – Kaleigh Ankle Biter Skinny Jean – $88

But I don’t have to lose my styling fee completely… they sent me a pair of green jeans (something we’ve tried in the past because for some reason, I’ve really wanted green jeans!) and they work. They’ve got a great amount of stretch so they are comfortable and I don’t feel like I’m in a competition to stuff myself in sausage casing. The only downside is that I’m living in the earthly hair dryer right now (Las Vegas) and I probably won’t be wearing long pants for a few months. Unless I can escape and go somewhere else… Hmmm…. I need a vacation somewhere cool just to wear specific pants? San Francisco? I went there in the summer once and nearly froze to death!


Getting the box each time is a lot of fun. And the items that I’ve kept have consistently garnered me compliments when I go out. But I think I’m going to hold off on the service for a while. Maybe I’ll revisit it in the fall, who knows?

I pay for my own Fixes, nobody asked or paid me to post these. But if you do sign up for Stitch Fix using my referral link, I get a small credit, which is much appreciated!

Friday Fête

Athletic Propulsion Labs Women's Shoes

I am a creature of habit… I like having a schedule. And it’s been weird to have my daughter’s school closed for a few days, go on vacation for a week and then attend a conference for work. That’s over 2 weeks where my schedule has been totally off the norm. And it’s been kind of fun! But I guess I’m looking forward to settling into routines more, but I need to look for more opportunities to be adventuresome. I’m kind of feeling like I want to go on vacation by myself, just to explore some place new without anyone else’s schedule! Has anyone done that? I went to the BlogHer conference in 2008 on my own, but I stayed at the host hotel with friends when I got there and of course there was the whole conference so I wasn’t truly on my own… but it was still fun!

Mizuno Baton

If you’ve got a smartphone, consider downloading the Mizuno Baton app. For every mile run with the app a dollar is donated to Back on my Feet. It’s super simple to use and you can run other GPS tracking apps on your phone simultaneously.


I just like seeing running going toward something good… and now more people can be involved in charity running without having to fundraise thousands of dollars. (Not that I would ever discourage that approach either… I’ve done it and I feel like it’s always been a positive in my life!)

Your Order?

My kid woke up today with a very specific request. “Eat mato, nees, emem?” Translation: “Eat tomato, cheese and M&M’s?” She was a little disappointed when there were no M&M’s on her plate, but she was pleased with blueberries.

Fix Me

I got a new Stitch Fix yesterday. I’ll take photos and share them soon. It’s always fun to get that box in the mail!


I had a one-week trial to CrunchLive, it’s basically an online portal that gives us people that don’t live in LA or NYC access to the cool classes they offer at Crunch gyms. For just $9.99 a month you can have access to any of the classes on the system. During my trial period I did an ab class (which was tough) and since I’ve been on a barre kick lately, I had to try their Barre Assets class. It was fun, much more ballerina-ish than other classes I’ve done. The instructor was very much ballet company instructor and in some ways I felt pretty clumsy doing the moves (I’m not a dancer!) but it was still a great workout!

Barre Assets   Crunch Live

Sign up for a free trial if you’re interested, it’s always fun to get some new movement in your life, right?


Athletic Propulsion Labs (APL) a company whose technology was banned by the NBA has debuted running shoes. I wonder if they stand a chance of making it in this field, if they’ll end up banned by the USATF or if they’ll just be a weird niche off in the corner talking to itself. It’s a tough field to break into! Best of luck!

Athletic Propulsion Labs Women's Shoes


A Kickstarter campaign that just makes me laugh because of the whole title:
AERRO: Athletic Shorts and Pants that Prevent Sweaty Balls

Brooks Love Survey

Lastly, a survey from Brooks reveals:
76% of all runners (84% of males) believe that people look sexy when they’re running and three-quarters agree that they’d be more attracted to someone if they found out he or she was a runner. Turning thoughts into action, half of all surveyed (51%) have used running as their pick-up line.

I’ve never used running as a pick-up line. Mainly because I was married once I started running and that just doesn’t impress my husband that much.

Brooks Survey Infographic

Buoy Chair – Sit Actively! [GIVEAWAY!]

Man sitting on a Buoy chair

A while back I shared a link on Twitter and Facebook about an awesome chair that I stumbled upon online. I sit at my desk to work on a computer all day… and people aren’t really made to sit that long. But it’s the way our world has evolved and I don’t see a treadmill desk in my future. I’ve tried sitting on an exercise ball at times, but it’s really the wrong height for my desk. So when I saw this awesome chair, I was excited. I had to share it with everyone.

The Buoy chair by Turnstone.

Man sitting on a Buoy chair

And after I shared the link, Turnstone reached out to me and I got to talk with the company a little; then they offered to send me one! Holy cow!

Yep… it’s a little wacky looking, but it’s also kind of sleek and sexy. (Cause I think a chair is sexy!) When my toddler walked into my office and saw it instead of my regular chair, she said, “Uh oh! Uh oh!” But that’s mainly because she didn’t have somewhere to sit with that chair in the regular place.


The Buoy in it’s natural habitat… AKA my messy office as opposed to a professional photo!

The Buoy has a curved bottom, so you are unsteady and you have to use your core to stay stable, kind of like sitting on a ball but you don’t have to worry about inflating it AND it has a lever to raise/lower the chair to the perfect height for your workstation/body.

Lever on Buoy Chair

I love sitting on it while I work, I find that I focus better and it doesn’t fatigue me. It’s very lightweight, so it’s easy to move out of the way (I can tuck it all the way under my desk) and roll the regular chair back in place for the toddler to sit at my desk and color. (She likes to use a pen all over a notepad and pick up my desk phone to say “HELLO!”) The only problem I have, as a telecommuter I have a lot of videoconferences and I find myself swaying/rocking back and forth when sitting on it (more than you have to in order to be steady, I just like to move… I’m a fidgeter!) and then worry that I look like a nut to my colleagues! Of course, they already know I’m a little wacky anyway!

I can’t come up with any downsides to this chair. I can sit on it for my entire workday, it’s comfy and it just makes me smile. If I could convince my work to start replacing everyone’s chairs with these, I totally would. Of course, I know a lot of my coworkers wouldn’t want to make that change.

But if you read my site, you probably have a little bit of a vested interest in health (or you’re related to me) and are probably interested in ways to improve your wellbeing. Right? You want one of these, right?

Well, the awesome people at Turnstone are letting me GIVE ONE AWAY via my site. This may be one of the cooler giveaways I’ve had on here. This baby is valued at $200+! They’re even letting the winner choose their own body/cap colors… so it’s customized for the winner.

Enter via the Rafflecopter widget. You can earn entries by following Turnstone and me on Facebook/Twitter, tweeting a message or get 5 entries by leaving a comment on this post!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Yes, I received the chair for free. I have to mention that for legal reasons. But I totally love it and I’m really grateful that Turnstone offered me that opportunity and if I had tons of money, I would buy one for all of you. (Except you… you know who you are!)

Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.