Cancer Needs to be Extinct – Skechers Performance is Trying to Help

Pink ribbon shoes are awesome. Cancer sucks.

skechers breast cancer shoes

It’s just a crummy disease. I’ve known too many people who have had their lives turned upside down by the big C. My own mother has beaten breast cancer twice, my grandmother has had 3 occurrences. I honestly live with the thought of WHEN I get breast cancer, not IF I get cancer. That’s a kind of disturbing thought. I’d like it to be eradicated so I don’t have to have that fear.

So when I was asked if I wanted to participated in a campaign sponsored by Skechers Performance I agreed because I support this cause so much.  See, after my mom’s second breast cancer diagnosis we decided that we would do something BIG after she was better. And after batting around several ideas, none of which seemed like they were the right celebration, we finally landed on MARATHON. That’s big. It’s huge! And it just felt right.


So we trained and did the PF Chang’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Phoenix marathon in January 2008. It was an amazing experience and it has led both of us to do many more races together. This first marathon adventure is what made me a lifelong runner.

breast cancer awareness shoes

Skechers Performance is supporting the American Cancer Society by releasing a special line of shoes. The lineup consists of the GOrun3 Awareness, GOrun Sprint, GOfit Awareness and GOwalk2 Flash Awareness. Since I’m a runner, I received a pair of the GOrun shoes to test and review.

Designed for speed with innovative performance technologies to promote a midfoot strike, it fosters a barefoot running experience while offering cushioning and impact protection.

  • Improved breathability and flexibility
  • Roomy forefoot. 3 layer Power-prene mesh on front panel allows for support while offering ample room for toe splay
  • GOimpulse sensors offer flexibility and feedback for a responsive running experience
  • M-Strike Technology™ promotes a midfoot strike
  • Custom Fit insole is removable for an even more minimal feel
  • 4mm Heel Drop to bring you closer to a natural barefoot experience
  • Resalyte™ Midsole – Proprietary lightweight injection-molded compound with memory retention helps absorb impact
  • Nearly seamless flexible mesh upper with lace up front

breast cancer awareness shoes for women

I really love how light the shoes are (a mere 5 oz!) and the upper is very comfortable. I do have to admit, the M-Strike Technology™ makes the shoe feel like it has a strange rocker in the middle of the shoe. It definitely promotes a midfoot strike! It feels kind of weird walking in them, running is far more comfortable. I do like that it comes with a removable insole so you can bring yourself a little closer to the ground or you can give yourself a little more cushion, depending upon personal preference or even needs that day. (Maybe I should call it an insertable insole, since it doesn’t come in the shoe by default!) And I felt ever so slightly like Kara Goucher when I put the shoes on, that’s a bonus, right? Actually, I kind of wondered if she and Meb had a learning curve to get their form right when they started in these shoes, because they absolutely feel different from any other shoe I’ve worn for running. Skechers are also one of the most affordable brands of running shoes out there, these ones retail for just $85!

skechers-gorun3-7.jpg skechers-gorun3-6.jpg

But even more important is how Skechers Performance Division is planning on helping the cause, right?

  1. Skechers is donating to the American Cancer Society. All of the apparel/shoes in their Awareness line will featured the ACS logo and messaging.
  2. Skechers is hosting the American Cancer Society San Francisco Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk, and will be donating a percentage of proceeds from the sales of Skechers shoes on-site that day.
  3. Skechers Retail stores are offering a gift with purchase for customers who purchase a pair of limited-edition Awareness shoes. The gift with purchase will be either a canvas awareness tote or a pink water bottle.
  4. Skechers is launching a register round-up program in Skechers Retail stores in which customers can round up their purchase to the nearest whole dollar to benefit American Cancer Society for the entire month of October. If consumers donate $5 or more, they will also receive a 20% off discount for their next visit. This will offer anyone shopping for any item in a Skechers retailer store the opportunity to give back and support the cause.

And while breast cancer has hit my family particularly hard, I like that Skechers Performance is supporting the American Cancer Society in this endeavor… because ALL cancers suck and I like that the ACS is out to beat all forms of cancer. I am sure every single one of us has been affected by some kind of cancer in our lives… whether it is a family member, a friend or ourselves. I have a co-worker battling brain cancer right now and it makes me so angry that this disease is zapping so much from him.

So if you need to get running shoes anyway, you may as well get something that helps support a cause at the same time, right?

Thanks to Skechers for sponsoring today’s post!

breast cancer running shoes

Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.

Friday Fête

It’s starting to get cooler, more autumn-esque (You know, like 88 degrees!) and that is making me excited about switching up my wardrobe. I tried to spruce it up last year and earlier this year, because I’m terrible at defining my own style. But when summer comes, it’s harder simply because it’s a thousand degrees and wearing anything other than shorts/tanks/flip-flops feels too hot! So I signed up for the service Le Tote. My first “tote” is on its way to me, so I’ll make sure to share the goods here. Basically, the way it works is you get a box of 5 items and you can return them at any time and get as many boxes in a month as can be shipped. You can wear the items out and about for a day or two… or months if you wanted to hang onto them that long… and then return what you don’t want and buy what you like. I appreciate that I don’t have to make the decision before trying it out in real life. If anyone is interested, I’ll do a Stitch Fix recap with my thoughts on things I’ve kept… some have been winners beyond the initial decision and some have been duds.


Every day when I pick A up from school, she asks me “Where’s Jade?” Then when I tell her that Jade is at home, she nods her head matter-of-factly and says, “Yeah.” I think Jade feels conflicted while A is at school now, she enjoys having some time to herself without a small person getting in her face at times, but she also misses that small person. I’m really glad and grateful how gentle Jade is with the kid, especially as I hear about more and more friends who have had to get rid of their dogs when they had babies.


5 x 10 Questions aka 50 Questions

I saw this on Happy Fit Mama and felt like answering the questions. I am pretty sure I’ve answered many of these on the site in some form, but some of the answers change as life goes on. And I always like reading these types of things to learn more about other bloggers.

1. What are you wearing? My workout clothes from the Surfset class I took earlier today. I should change, I’ll do that on my lunch break. This is one of those ups/downs of telecommuting. You turn into a slob.


2. Ever been in love? Yes

3. Ever had a terrible breakup? No

4. How tall are you? 5’5″

5. How much do you weigh? Somewhere between 50-150 lbs, aside from my medical team that’s all anyone needs to know.

6. Any tattoos? I have the Japanese kanji for beauty and balance on my inner ankle and a sunflower on my outer ankle. They’re all ED recovery related. And I want more.

7. Any piercings? 2 in each ear, 2 additional piercings in my left ear that probably have closed up.

8. OTP (one true pair, favorite fictional couple)? Jim and Pam on The Office. (I had never heard of this OTP-nonsense before. Honestly, most fictional couples give these completely unrealistic and unattainable picture of romance that I can’t endorse.)

9. Favorite show? @Midnight

10. Favorite bands? I love too much music to pick a favorite!

11. Something you miss? Flexibility to do whatever I feel like in my life. Coaching Team Challenge. Seeing other people while I work.

12. Favorite song? Probably Float On by Modest Mouse.

13. How old are you? 36

14. Zodiac sign? Leo

15. Quality you look for in a partner? Lots of money! $$$$ (Okay, totally kidding.) I can’t say I’ve ever looked for a particular quality, sometimes you just “click” with someone.

16. Favorite Quote? Recent favorite is: 

When you have one foot in the future and one foot in the past, you piss on the present. - Dan Harris

17. Favorite actor? Vin Diesel… okay, that’s sarcasm – I don’t have one.

18. Loud music or soft? Both

20. Where do you go when you’re sad? Inside my own head.

21. How long does it take you to shower? 10ish minutes

22. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? Do I have to go somewhere? No… 2 minutes. If I have to go somewhere, 10-25 minutes depending on the somewhere and how presentable I need to be.

23. Ever been in a physical fight? That question is laughable.

24. Turn on? Humor, intelligent, wit

25. Turn off? Rudeness

26. The reason I started blogging? It was mentioned in a tech magazine so I started an official blog back in 2001. [read: Blogging Just Evolves]

27. Fear? Messing up my kid.


28. Last thing that made you cry? Feeling overwhelmed and fed up with everything in my life

29. Last time you said you loved someone? This morning when I sent my kid to school

30. Meaning behind the name of your blog? I think it is pretty self-explanatory: I’m Jill.. I Will Run.

31. Last book you read? The Runner’s Bucket List: 200 Races to Run Before You Die – eventually I will post a review of this book.

32. The book you’re currently reading? I am almost done with Endurance: A Novel of Terror. It’s crazy messed-up.

33. Last show you watched? The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

34. Last person you talked to? A colleague

35. The relationship between you and the person you last texted? One of my employees

36. Favorite food? Pizza, I really like the stuff.

37. Place you want to visit? I’d really really really like to go to Greece.

38. Last place you were? Uh… the Surfset studio? Or is this last place I went out-of-town? Utah, for work.

39. Do you have a crush? That feels so 15-years-old, to “have a crush”. LOL

40. Last time you kissed someone? This morning when I loaded my kiddo into her seat for her daddy to take her to school.

41. Last time you were insulted? Don’t remember.

42. Favorite flavor of sweet? Sugar – does that cover it all?

43. What instruments do you play? Piano and flute, as well as the guitar a little bit. But I haven’t played any of those for years, as I don’t own a musical instrument to practice now.

44. Favorite piece of jewelry? The piece I remember to wear? I do really love my wedding ring, I love the trillion cut diamond, I don’t see many people with that.

45. Last sport you played? Uh… I ran, but I don’t think of that as “I played running.”

46. Last song you sang? Itsy Bitsy Spider… my kid requested it, okay? She’s two-years-old!

47. Favorite chat up line? I couldn’t think of one, had to look some up. I’ll go with: You are hotter than the bottom of my laptop.

48. Have you ever used it? No, especially considering I just found it. I’ll go try it.

49. Last time you hung out with anyone? Does going to a movie with friends on Tuesday count? Who has time to just “hang out”?

50. Who should answer these questions next? Anybody, nobody. I dare someone to answer all 50 questions in the comments of this post.

Running Now: Mostly Gratitude

Every morning that I get out for a run the past two weeks, I am filled with an overwhelming sense of joy and gratitude that I am running. I know 3.5 weeks off due to hip pain isn’t a lifetime (or even an entire month!), but it was no fun. Even if I’m getting up during the 4:00 hour of the morning after several nights of interrupted sleep (Seriously kid… what’s up with these wake ups during the night?) I am grateful.


Easy morning run. #runselfie #shoeselfie #instaweatherpro #halobelt

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I finish the run and feel happy. And yet… I look at my results after and realize I am slower. It frustrates me. And then I’m frustrated that I am frustrated. It really is silly… I took several weeks off, I am running a little more tentatively/cautiously because I have this nagging concern in the back of my mind the whole time that I will suddenly feel that intense pain once more. I’m operating on 5-6 hours of sleep a night. It makes sense that I’d be slower. And I should be going slower. I have big goals for the future and I want to run big miles. I need to slow down to cover the distance, both in terms of miles and in terms of years in my life. So I shouldn’t be frustrated with myself. But I am.


Got it done, despite being awake with the kid since 4. #runselfie #shoeselfie

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And yet, I’m mostly grateful. It’s so wild how running has worked its way into my blood, my soul, my being. If you’d asked me if I would enjoy running during my teenage years (or even most of my 20’s) I would have said “Hell no!” And now, I feel a little less whole if I can’t do it. That’s both wonderful and wrong. Because I am still a good person whether or not I run and I can’t put all my proverbial happiness eggs in one basket. But I’m really glad I have running to bring me this joy.


Good morning world! #runselfie #shoeselfie

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And I just have to say… if you get out to run super early in the mornings or late at night and you’re in the dark, get a HaloBelt! I backed this campaign on Kickstarter and I’m so glad I did… I feel so much better running in the dark and dawn/dusk knowing I have something that makes me a little more visible. I’m definitely going to wear it when I do Ragnar again (along with the requisite butt light, headlamp/Knuckle Lights in action too.)

Redheads Rule 5K [Race Report]

On Saturday I ran the Redheads Rule 5K, it is the second race in the “It’s Jus Hair” series from local race company Jus Run. I ran the Blondes race earlier this year and I will run the Brunette one in January. Once I’ve done the whole series I’ll get an extra medal!

Friday afternoon, I took A with me to packet pickup. I really like the shirt from the Blondes race, it just fits well, so I was pleased to see the shirts for this event were the same cut.

Redheads Rule 5K 2014 race shirt

The packet bag also had a bunch of flyers for different events/businesses and a few samples included.

Redheads Rule 5K 2014 packet samples

I debated taking the stroller, but I haven’t been running with the stroller all summer (too hot) and I wanted to let my kid sleep in a little. I would have had to wake her up to go. So I got a couple of hours on my own!

The race started off with a “wheelchair division”…. kind of. The organization Light of Las Vegas – My Team Triumph was there with several disabled participants getting the opportunity to ride along for a race. After we sent them off, the rest of us got to line up and countdown to start our race.


I really wasn’t planning on pushing the pace at all, I signed up for this a long time ago and with the hip pain I’d been experiencing, I knew I was just having fun. (Who am I kidding… most of the time when I enter a race I’m doing it to have fun. I’m not a competitive runner!) It was fun to see people dressed up to support the theme. I briefly contemplated putting some temporary red hair dye in my hair, but then never followed through.

Runner dressed as Jessica Rabbit

This gal won the F 20-29 division, dressed like this!

I was pleased with how the race felt and crossed the finish line with a smile. I went to grab a banana and water, then I went back to the finish line to clap for all the runners coming in.

Runners dressed as Mario Bros.

Mario Bros = Redheads?

I ended up finishing 26th out of 124 runners overall and 8 out of 39 in my division. So even with some lingering pain and lack of running over the past several weeks I did alright.

Redheads Rule 5K medal

Honestly, it was just fun to get out and be amongst other people. I rarely run with others these days because I run so early in the morning with very little wiggle room to go somewhere or to socialize before needing to deal with getting the kid ready and starting work. So it was fun to feel like I’m not isolated in my home for a while!

Me at the Redheads Rule Finish LineI’m looking forward to the January race, which I’ll have to run with the stroller because it will be my husband’s busy season at that time. (He’s a CPA, I rarely see him January through April.)

Friday Fête

On Wednesday I went to a class at Surfset Las Vegas. I saw this concept being pitched on Shark Tank and thought it looked like fun. Then when I saw a Groupon available for the local studio, I knew I had to snag it! Of course… now the Las Vegas studio is having a promotion for October where classes are free for new clients, so I could have given it a try without giving my money to Groupon… Whatever, it doesn’t matter because I had so much fun and I’m already planning on buying some kind of membership package to the studio.


We did burpees and pushups and lunges and more, all while balancing on the wobbling “surfboard”. It was hard, but it was fun the whole time too. The class I attended was called “Blend” a 45-minute mix of strength training and cardio. I’m going to another Blend class next week, but I’m definitely going to try all of the classes.

In an effort to make workout variety easier to incorporate into my life… we replaced the flooring in our bonus room. What’s a bonus room? Well… it’s what we call the big room upstairs that doesn’t really have a set purpose. Some might call it a loft, some might call it a playroom… we call it the bonus room. And we pulled up the flooring in half the room and had Sport Court flooring installed.


I have terrible perspective on that picture… but basically it’s an 11’x17′ space (or something like that) and the flooring looks a lot like cork flooring, except it’s got better give and more durability. We’ll be rolling the treadmill back over in that space and I’ll be able to use the room for yoga, barre, etc. workouts. (Doing yoga on carpet sucks!) The kiddo loves the new flooring and she says daily that she wants to “go run in the gym” and she’ll run in circles on the floor.


I’m so glad we went with this, it is way better than any other flooring option we contemplated for our home gym space. Plus we have the potential to expand it throughout the whole room if we decided to use the entire space as home gym. We do have a kids climber/slide in the room too. Basically we use the room as an extension of outdoor space, since nobody wants to play outside in Vegas during the summer months!

My hip has been feeling a lot better lately and I got a massage yesterday that so far seems to have sealed the deal in making things feel better. Maybe I should have gone to get that 3 weeks ago? I’ve had several good runs this week, although I’m still running slower than normal because I’m taking it easier as I’m still recuperating from whatever that issue was. I’m running a 5K this weekend, no plans to push it, just going to have fun and see how the day goes.

I’m doing the 30-Day Meditation Challenge on It only requires 5 minutes of meditation each day. I can do that. Even if I’m pretty sure my husband thinks I’m cuckoo every time I wander off to meditate.

I admit I’m one of the masses that loves pumpkin. I am eager to try to the new pumpkin smoothie at Smoothie King (maybe I’ll take the kiddo out for that today!) and I usually have to try the pumpkin donut at Dunkin Donuts each year. Pumpkin Spice Oreos? On it. Pumpkin Spice candy corn… tried it, hated it. Just because something is labeled as pumpkin doesn’t mean it is good. But I think some other vegetables deserve some love too… more attention in the public eye and incorporated into baked goods and coffee flavorings. Maybe rutabaga?

Smoothie King Pumpkin Smoothie

Gone Girl opens this weekend! I read the book twice and I’m so excited to see this movie… it’s on my calendar for next week, woo hoo! I never go see movies in the theater anymore, I’m looking forward to it!

Blogging Just Evolves

I started blogging in 2001. My blog was hosted on Blogger, prior to it becoming a Google property. That was the point that I officially had what was called a “blog”. Before that I had a pre-cursor to the blog. I had a certain page that I just updated regularly to reflect my current likes/dislikes and other pages of static content about topics I found interesting. (All of that stuff started in 1993-1994 ish… So this means I’ve had my own online presence for 20+ years!)

Blogging in the early days was so different from the world now. Just about everybody that had a blog was someone who worked in a tech capacity. So even if we weren’t all blogging about technology, all of us were tech geeks in some form. Most blogs didn’t even have comments at first, so we were writing stuff that was potentially read by others by we didn’t interact with each other. As comments became more prolific, people started to build even more connections through blogs. Once Google acquired Blogger in 2003, it seems like the number of blogs out there started to increase rapidly.

Number of blogs from 2003-2005

How blogs started to increase in 2003

The process became easier and easier and soon anyone could set up a blog. We started to see the rise of more and more niches… but the Mommy Blog zone really had a lot of growth. I made several friends online in the 2005-08 time that would probably be called mommy bloggers. (I would not have been called one, as I was not a mommy at the time. But we wrote about some of the same topics, with the difference of them writing about their children interspersed into their writing and I wrote about… more of the same other crap? Whatever I wrote about at the time as a woman who worked out of her home with a husband gone all the time and before I had developed a running habit. What did I write about? Oh yeah, about going to the gym and doing yoga.) Anyway, moms found it a really great way to connect with other people, especially those that were stay-at-home moms. It was a community.

Mom Internet Users Who Blog

Then the product reviews and giveaways started to grow because moms are influencers! They buy stuff and they talk to others about buying stuff. Blogging conferences came on the scene. And some bloggers got more and more of these products from companies. And trips. And cars. Some of the big blogs just kept getting bigger and bigger. There was resentment, jealousy and envy from others.

And now I’ve seen an article passed around by several of my friends. Many of them are saying that it perfectly explains why they don’t blog anymore, or why they don’t comment anymore, or why they don’t read blogs anymore. [How The Blogger Killed Herself Off]

A part of me wanted to say, “YES!” when I first read it. I’ve seen the posts that are full of product placements. I’ve seen the bloggers fill their Instagram feeds with screenshots of their blog for their various giveaways. I’ve unfollowed people who fill all their media with too much of this.


I receive products for free to review on my site. I have been guilty of posting several posts in a row to meet the obligations I have with companies that have so graciously reached out to me. I can’t speak for all the other bloggers in the world, but I really do post a lot of these things because I think they would be of interest to my readers. And if I can’t use the product after testing, I pass things on to others who need/want the item. I have a full-time job, this blog isn’t my income nor does it really pay me much. I get a little bit of revenue from some things and that mainly goes right back into the site. I buy my hosting, I pay for things to review, I purchase a theme, etc. My blog is entirely a labor of love.

I have less time to spend on posting these days. I have companies reaching out to offer me product and I feel that if I accept something, they deserve to have a post geared toward their item and I feel that you as the readers deserve to get a more comprehensive review than if I just say that I received that item while mingling it in with content about what I’m currently eating. (I won’t go off on a tangent about that right now.) I won’t just take product because it’s offered for free, I feel very strongly that I need to have it tie into my general blogging theme. From my tech geeky side, I feel that the companies deserve a singular post about their product with keywords interspersed and SEO tactics applied. From my personal side, I feel that more and more it’s not worth my time to receive products that are worth $10 that require lots of testing and then time put forth to writing the review and then promoting that on social media. So my site grows and changes from year to year.

Blogging evolution needs to occur. And it is occurring. That’s just how things work.

There are growing pains, some bloggers lose their voice. However, they’re all just people trying to navigate a changing arena. I try really hard to maintain my integrity on this site and not get swept up in the whole “I’m sponsored by Companies X, Y, Z as well as A, B, C and an ambassador to 1, 2, 3.” The interesting thing is that in this evolution, it seems that commenting on blogs is dropping off on a large-scale. People prefer to skim and move on, or respond on Facebook/Twitter. And so often it seems that the really active commenters are trolls. (I do feel really fortunate that I’m not inundated with a lot of trolling, just a few from time-to-time. So thank you for that.) So if readers on the whole are still cool with the site’s content, they may not be commenting and sharing that appreciation as much. We’re all busy! So negativity is the message that pervades  comments online.

This whole thing just came from the fact that after reading that article on LinkedIn, it hasn’t sat right with me. I don’t know what the future of blogging is (I seem to have left my crystal ball somewhere, if you see it let me know, aiiiight?) All I know is that there are elements of truth in that article, but also elements of frustration and annoyance and a gamut of human emotions because we’re all just people navigating the changing tides of the world as well as well can. 

*I like big buts and I cannot lie

Lessons From My 2014 Garden

Growing a garden in the desert… it’s a challenge. Well, I think that growing a garden anywhere may be a challenge for me. It’s a learning experience, this is only my second year putting forth a real attempt at growing stuff. (Meaning I have grow boxes in my yard and I’ve actually planted things in the ground. I’ve killed plants in containers for several years now.) But so far, I can’t figure out a pattern to this gardening stuff… but I’ve figured out a couple of things. Maybe I’ll remember to refer back to this post next year. Or maybe I’ll just remember these lessons better if I’ve spelled them out.

Hornworms Leak

This is my second year that hornworms have moved into my tomato plants. I’m not entirely sure how to prevent them. I do know that you’re supposed to go pull the nasty buggers off the plants and drown them in soapy water if you spot them. And if you startle them by grabbing them, they leak this nasty green goo out the sides of their head. And it makes me shudder and squeal. (Which made A come up to me and say, “Is okay Mommy” while patting me on the leg… so sweet.) They’re horrible, disgusting creatures and when they start to show up, the plants die.


Zucchini plants hurt

Zucchini plants have giant leaves and the veggies are kind of hidden underneath these, so you have to push them aside to look for zucchini and to pick the goods. And they have prickly parts all over them. And after a few swipes around the plant, I end up with a rash that moves up my entire arm if I don’t move on and get it washed it off quickly.

Watermelon Entertaining, but Not Worth It

I was so excited when I started to see little melons show up in my garden. And when one of them finally met all the criteria of being ripe, I plucked it and took it inside. It was about the size of a grapefruit. And when I cut into it, it had a lot of rind and the edible amount of fruit was about the size of a golf ball. The plant starts to spread out quite a bit and I don’t have space for plants that need a ton of room. And it’s so easy to buy a little watermelon at the grocery store, often for just $2.99 and I get a lot of edible fruit from them.

Pumpkins Need Too Much Room

The pumpkin plant grew and grew and grew. And it overtook a whole region of the yard that wasn’t earmarked as garden space. One pumpkin grew successfully. The rest of it was a constant battle against squash bugs until it finally succumbed to some kind of fungus.  Too much work, not enough reward.

I’m tired of cucumbers

So…. many…. cucumbers. Is there some adage about a cucumber a day? What happens then? Cause I’m eating at least one lemon cucumber a day these days. And I’m the only one in the family that is eating them. (Who are we kidding, I’m the only one that eats most of the garden’s yield.)

I don’t know the secret to tomatoes

Last year I had an abundance of tomatoes. This year I got a couple of tomatoes earlier in the summer, had a really long dormant period and now I’m starting to get a few tomatoes. I’ve yet to eat one since A spots them and eats them straight off the vine. There is zero chance they’re going to make it in the house to get washed first. Sometimes she grabs green tomatoes and eats those too. We’ve had some good wind and rain storms which have beaten my tomato plants, they are all basically sideways right now. It’s a big tangled mess but I don’t want to pull them up yet because I want to get as much fruit from them as possible. Which will probably be about 25 grape tomatoes by the end of the season!

Peppers are Prolific

I’ve got a ton of green peppers this year. I finally had to freeze a bunch of them because I couldn’t stay on top of eating them all as they were ready. Three plants seems to be too many when they are thriving.

Peas were a huge success with the kid

I planted pea plants in the spring and those were a big hit. A and I would go pick peas every evening and she loved eating them. When it got too hot in the summer months for peas the plants died, but I recently planted seeds and we have the beginning starts of a new crop popping above the surface. Hopefully we get a good yield for a while throughout the fall!

Gardening is good for the kid too, she’ll try just about anything that we pull out of the garden 100% willingly. She loves to go pick things and I think it’s a good lesson about where food comes from. So I’ll keep it up, maybe some day I’ll master growing something? Radishes have been successful both years, maybe I’m a master radisher?

Chi Running App Giveaway

So when I mentioned the Chi Weekend in last week’s Friday Fête post, the kind Chi Running folks offered to give me a free download of their Chi Running app. But I already own that app… so I asked if I could give away a download code for the app. So…. here it is: a quick little giveaway for an iOS or Android download code (all depends on who ends up the winner!) I’m just going to leave this open through Friday so enter quickly if you’re interested.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

ASICS Gel-Pursue [Shoe Review]

When I first started getting more serious about running and I went to a running store to buy shoes, I remember that the ASICS brand seemed to be what many of my new marathon-crazy friends wore. But when I went through the fit process, a pair of ASICS weren’t even brought out as an option, I tried shoes on,  I left with a different shoe, and I’ve never actually worn ASICS.

Until now… [Disclaimer: I was sent shoes in exchange for my honest review on the site.]

I was given the opportunity to try a new shoe, the Gel Pursue from ASICS, and I decided to give it a go. They didn’t fit the mold of the zero-drop shoes I’ve been running in of late, but they did receive the “Best Debut” honor from Runner’s World magazine in the September 2014 issue and I’m always open to experiment (for you, the sake of my readers!) with running products.

They’re attractive shoes, my 2-year-old was very impressed with the “purple running shoes” that arrived.


In fact, she insisted that we wear our “match shoes” out on a walk together.

That kid is so damn clever and cute.

Putting the ASICS Gel-Pursue on, I felt taller in them, as if I was wearing heels. That’s probably due to the roughly 9mm heel-to-toe drop. But they also have a nice amount of cushioning to them and they’re SUPER comfortable. I haven’t gotten a lot of running miles in them due to a weird pain in my hip (I’m unwilling to say it’s due to product experimentation, just a circumstance of life.) but I’ve worn these shoes for a lot of walks too and they felt great for that.

Some details:

  • They’re pretty lightweight, 8.7 oz for the women’s shoe, 10.6 oz for the men’s version
  • Support level good for a wide-range of runners (from a more neutral foot to a mild-moderate pronator)
  • They look nice without being overly flashy. My husband HATES all the bright colors all over shoes these days, these would be a good option for someone like that.
  • Standard price point for quality running shoes: $110


They’re comfy and well-made running shoes. They may not become my go-to, all-the-time running shoes, it still feels strange to me to have a heel/toe offset after 3ish years in pretty minimal shoes… but I’m also willing to rotate them in to my training cycle and give them a solid try. Or maybe if I ramp up for marathon training, I’ll want to revert back… I’ve never done a marathon in zero-drop! The cushioning definitely felt nice without feeling like a clown shoe and overall I liked these shoes quite a bit.

And remember, if you are running the 2014 NYC Marathon, visit ASICS Mini Marathoner site and get a statue version of yourself running!

One more… Check out the My ASICS website where you can build a training plan for any race distance. It’s kind of cool that you can set a date for a race way in the future and it will help you with a free plan. I think it’s kind of fun to play with, even if I would end up tweaking the schedule anyway. It’s just great to get new ideas.

Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.

Friday Fête

I’m in a major food rut. I’m just sick of meal planning, sick of cooking, sick of it all… We go out for dinner 1-2 times a week and it’s to the same 3 places and then I make the same 5-6 meals the rest of the time. I used to think I liked cooking, but then I realized I was married to a picky man. And then I had a child who wants lots of attention and doesn’t give me much space/time to prepare food. So now I hate cooking. I need help!

I get very frustrated that I do the vast majority of parenting myself. And there are times that I’m really annoyed that I have to wake up way before dawn to be able to get in a run before the kid wakes up. But you know what is more annoying? Not even having that option. I really do like running early (except I still find it a lot harder to wake up in the 4AM hour than I ever did pre-kid, what up with that?) and this week my hubby has been out-of-town for work. From what I understand, it’s not considered “good parenting” to get up really early and go for a run and leave your toddler asleep at home alone. Even if you leave the dog behind to watch her. ;-)

And my hubby does usually take her to school each morning, so most days I can get started working early enough. But this week I’ve been late to work every day. Which means that I worked my 8 hours each day without taking any breaks so I could still go pick her up on time, 8-4. So no lunch break workouts either. All my fitness endeavors this week have been after I put her to bed. But no running, because remember… you’re not supposed to leave the kid home alone to go run! (And my treadmill scares me, it just changes incline on its own without warning. Which wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t the fact that it decides to rise the incline all the way and then plummet back down. That’s dangerous!)

Not that I could have run anyway… my hip/groin/glute/quad/hammie/IT Band* has been bugging me. I’m on about 3 weeks of no running now. Taking my shoe selfies lets me know that my last run was on September 2. I think it might be starting to feel better, but I can’t tell for certain. Just when I think it might be easing up, then it gives me a sudden and sharp reminder about its existence.

And no running has been making me grumpy. I had to miss a half marathon I was registered for last weekend. Of course, a freak storm washed out the freeway and would have made travel to the race a nuisance anyway. But still… And it’s playing head games with me and making me have body confidence issues. (Just being totally honest here.) I feel the ED voice getting louder telling me that I’m getting huge with this break. I know that’s not the truth, but it’s hard when something that helps keep that voice quiet (running) is taken away from me. But it hasn’t been too overwhelmingly hot out so I’ve at least been able to take the kid out on a few evening walks in the stroller this week. (By not overwhelmingly hot I mean in the mid 90’s!)

* Seriously, I am not entirely sure what this pain is, the pain source seems to move all around. Some times I think it’s a groin injury, sometimes I think it’s my hip, sometimes I’m afraid it’s a bone injury, other days I’m sure it’s all muscular/soft tissue. And I don’t really want to go to the doctor because truthfully, I’m cheap. I hate going to my primary care doc and paying a $40 co-pay to have her say, “That sounds like this. Go see this specialist.” Then the specialist charges $50, then sends me for other diagnostics that cost more money. But I’ve been dealing with other health issues that I may or may not discuss on here, so all of the tests and appointments on that may have me nearing my deductible amount now. So that expense would be gone! I need a good sports chiropractor that isn’t super far away from my home.

If you’ve read my site long enough, you know that I am a fan of ChiRunning. I’ve wanted to attend a ChiRunning event with Danny Dreyer since 2007 or 2008 when I first stumbled upon the book. But who has time to go away for a week to a camp for grown ups?! They’ve just announced a ChiWeekend on October 24-26 in North Carolina. And I’d really like to go! I don’t think I’m going to get the opportunity, but one can dream, right?


Amazon announced a new kid-friendly Kindle Fire tablet. Watching stuff on the iPad is the closest my kid gets to watching TV. We watch a few videos from the Super Simple Songs channel on YouTube. Media is totally addicting to kids and she now begs to watch the videos. “Mommy, get the PAAAAAAD! One more? One more?” I can see her vocabulary expanding from these 3-5 minute clips, but it’s amazing how angry she can get when it’s time to shut it off. Media and children are a whole new world these days… we get in the car and she asks for certain songs to be played. And we can just bust out the iPhones and play it for her. *crotchety old voice* When I was a kid we had to wait for our favorite songs to be played on the radio and we were happy when it did! *end crotchety old voice*

Got any fun weekend plans? Have you ever dealt with pain-of-unknown-origin? How did you track down the problem?