Thoughts on Blog and Social Media Monetization

I’ve been writing on this particular site since 2008 and I’ve been blogging since 2001. I’ve never “struck it big” or become famous from it, but I’ve had some cool opportunities come about from posting. Plus every now and then some pennies, quarters, and even a few dollars come my way. I’ve never pursued monetization

A Run in Hartford

This past week I was in Hartford, CT for a few days to attend a work conference. It was rainy the first couple of days I was there, so I ran in my hotel.* But on day 3, the sky cleared and I had a 2-hour break between sessions and the evening social event. So

Vegas Strong

I have no words really, but a horrible thing happened in my city and it makes the post I had planned seem unimportant. Hug your loved ones, be kind to people, treat others with respect. If you disagree with something you see online, use a rational voice if you need to comment. Just be good


This image came to me from Shine* today. Sometimes we “nourish” our bodies with high quality foods with great nutritional properties. And sometimes we “nourish” our souls with a good meal with friends or baking cookies with a child. It’s all about a balance. Michael Pollan famously said, “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.”

I Love Running, I Hate Running

It’s 6:30 am, I’ve already run 5 miles, showered, and I’m ready to work. I love running. It’s 4:30 am, my alarm is going off after I didn’t fall asleep until about 1am and my child woke me up several times during the night. I hate running.  Crossing the finish line of a race, PR

Massage Shouldn’t Hurt

This Zim’s Max Freeze has been my best friend lately. I got a massage on Monday and it was horribly painful. Massage shouldn’t be that painful. During the massage, the pain was pretty intense, but I kept telling myself that it was doing me some good. “It was working out all the knots that had