Marathon Training Last Week

My training for the Boston Marathon last week was powered hindered diminished by:

Mucinex Mucus character

That’s that creepy little Mucinex character from commercials… I never knew mucus needed a cartooning, but that’s handy for a blog post. So…. thanks Mucinex, for that ugly little cretin that describes the problem and for the handy-dandy meds that help one find relief.

On a more positive side… my life was fueled by:

I’ve got new @clifbarcompany bar flavors! #NutsAndSeeds #BerryPomegranateChia

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For a couple of days I was hanging out very close to the kiddo to catch any upchuck. She wanted to eat, but I didn’t want more food to come up all over… so we were both kind of avoiding regular meals. Me – because I didn’t want her to feel bad as I ate and she – because she didn’t need to have more in her stomach to spew. These new Clif bars were easy for me to grab and eat (too) quickly so I had energy to continue with my mom duties.

(Dear Clif… I’m sorry I talked about your delicious new flavors in a post about disgusting stuff. But thank you for these new flavors… they are now going to be my new go-to flavor for Clif bar consumption before races. I greatly prefer flavors without chocolate for pre-race, usually sticking to the blueberry. But I really liked these ones! I think I will eat one of these and a banana the morning of the Boston Marathon and then drink some Generation UCAN about 45 minutes before race start.)

The good news is that today… I’m feeling pretty decent. Not perfect, but much better than the past 5 days. I’m hopeful that I will be able to pick up my training tomorrow with a lunch hour run. And #AwesomeA is great too! She’s been feeling better for a few days, aside from a little bit of overly dramatic toddler reactions to random things at random times lately. But if that’s an illness… well, every kid that age is afflicted and apparently they outgrow it.

Friday Fête

This week exercise has been…. rough. I have not run since my 17 miles on Sunday. Like I posted the other day, I woke up feeling kind of cold-ish on Tuesday so I didn’t run early and then ended up with a sick kid. It’s hard to get out to run when you’re sitting next to your kid waiting for tell-tale signs she’s about to puke and trying to stick a bucket under her face. It is what it is. Then yesterday I felt like I had a full-on cold, as opposed to just cold-ish. I did manage to do my daily yoga, always with my kid next to me. She’s decided she needs her own “tiny yoga shirt” and a “little yoga mat” for herself.

#AwesomeA wants her own #yoga mat now. #Yoga30Days #TakeTheLeap #prAna #SweatPink @prana @fitapproach

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Another thing I’ve done instead of running this week is the Barre3 Runner’s Workout. It’s a 30-minute workout designed specifically for runners and I LOVE it. You can get the workout online if you have an account for Barre3. You can sign up for a 15-day free trial to access any of the video workouts on their site by using the code B3RUN. (code expires 8/31/2015) The 10-minute runner’s total body workout is available to everyone (even non-subscribers) online!


I impulse purchased these packaged meals by Modern Table that I saw at Target. They sounded interesting to me and I like the ingredients in them. They’ve got lentils or beans for extra protein, and you can add a meat to make them “your own” or whatever. I am just excited that they’re new flavors from our old standbys but still seem easy to make. My only concern is that my kid hasn’t eaten pasta in at least 6 months. I thought all little kids were supposed to love pasta, but she decided that she doesn’t want to eat pasta. Pasta is SOOOOOOO easy and every “kid” recipe I see online seems to be centered around pasta. I’ll cook one this weekend or next week and give it a try… hopefully #AwesomeA will give it a try too!


If you’ve ever wished some of your favorite running clothes were more reflective (or just… reflective) there is a cool Kickstarter going on now for Underfuse iron-on reflective strips. So often it seems like the reflective features on clothes are tiny little logos or something very insignificant. These will make sure you are highly visible… and you can be creative in how you place them. I think they look pretty cool!


I’m assuming and hoping I’m going to be all good to go to run 18 on Sunday. Maybe I should cut that number down?

I also need to book my flight to Boston. If you ever want someone to plan your vacation so that you never get to go anywhere, I’m your person. I’m the WORST travel planner in the world. Basically, I just give up and we never go on vacation. That needs to change this summer, my kid really wants to go to a zoo. We don’t have a zoo here in Las Vegas, although there are some strange animals in this city. A few years ago I returned from a morning run to learn on the news that a person’s tiger had escaped and was running loose… in the area that I had been running! But I don’t know of a place here that has giraffes or tapirs and #AwesomeA really wants to see those. I’m thinking San Diego will be on my agenda sometime in 2015!

Made any impulse purchases lately? Found a new workout? Are you going to go try the Barre3 workout (because you should!)? What’s your favorite color?

Marathon Training Update

Marathon training is hard. There’s no question about that. Covering 26.2 miles on your own two feet is an endeavor and that effort deserves respect. But I just need to say… marathon training I did in the past was much easier. I took it for granted how much simpler it could be.

Let’s take a look at the differences:
Half Marathon Point

Pre-Kid, Pre-Supervising, Pre-Dog Marathon Training

(When I did marathon training before, I did not have a child. I did not own a dog. I was not a supervisor to 4 people.)

  • I could do my training in the morning and get to work on time. If I didn’t feel like getting up in the morning, I could do it after work because my husband was going to be gone working long hours anyway.
  • I could do long runs every weekend with a group of friends. I could run on Saturdays, the spouse was at work anyway so it was something to entertain me.
  • After the run I would joke around with my friends, maybe go out to get food, and then drive myself home to get cleaned up.
  • Post-long-run I could eat at leisure, take an ice bath, take a shower, sit down and rest, read a book, maybe take a nap, relax with my legs up the wall, etc. If I didn’t feel like cooking anything, I could just tell my husband to fend for himself whenever he gets around to eating.

Need food NOW! #shoeselfie #runselfie #teamstonyfield #longrun

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Kid, Supervisor, Dog and more Marathon Training

(Now I have a 2.5-year-old child, I have a 4-year-0ld dog, I have a lot more duties at work and my husband is in the midst of his busy season as a CPA in public accounting so I don’t have backup at home.)

  • I run early in the morning, after I’ve woke the dog by coming downstairs and letting her out and getting her some breakfast. I get home, usually in time to hear the kid whining that she’s awake and wants me. She always seems to wake early whenever I’m hoping and counting on her to stay asleeep for me to get cleaned up. I get her dressed and try to get her to consume some food while my husband gets ready for his work so he can drive her to school. Realize that I’m late for starting work and I still stink from my run and haven’t yet eaten anything. Decide to eat something at my desk and take a break at about the time my co-workers would be going on break so I can get in a shower. Sit back down at the desk with soaking hair.
  • Every run is by myself because I run from the house. Going somewhere to meet friends will add an extra 60+ minutes to the overall run time and most of the time it would be at a time when I have to be “on” for parenting duty.
  • Long runs have to happen on Sunday as that is the only day of the week my husband doesn’t work during busy season. I usually have to go into my daughter’s room at 4:30AM and put her blankets back on her or take her potty or something that has roused her at this time. I think she just senses that I’m up and planning to do something.
  • When I get home from my run, I immediately have my daughter asking me to do something with her. As I try to get something to refuel myself, she wants to eat it too. My husband decides to do chores, so I get my daughter setup to watch a show on the iPad in my bedroom while I take a shower. One minute into a super fast shower, she’s yelling to me she needs help because she’s  switched into a different app and wants Dora back on.
  • Do chores all day after the long-run. The kid needs clean clothes, clean bedding, we need dinner and I can’t tell her to fend for herself. Resting? Nope. I tried convincing my daughter to take a nap with me one day but that was apparently a game we were “playing together” more than an actual rest time.

I finished 17 miles on Sunday feeling good and excited to tackle this week’s training, yet today life has thrown me for a loop. I started feeling sick last night and when I woke up this morning, I knew I didn’t feel well enough to run. Sore throat, throbbing head… so I went back to sleep and vowed to see how I felt by my lunch break to run. But just 20 minutes after my kid had been dropped off at school, I got a call saying she started to throw up. So I’m hanging at home with a kiddo who is puking and that means no run today. It’s cold, it’s windy and she’s sick… it doesn’t matter if I get feeling better, I’m not forcing her into the stroller to be uncomfortable today just so I can run. So I adapt… that’s the name of the game for a mommy marathoner.

Sock Hop 2015

Eating Disorders Can Affect Anyone

National Eating Disorder Awareness Week is February 22-28. Each year during this week I touch on the subject because it was during this week several years back that I “went public” with my struggle and I just want others to know they’re not alone.

A lot of people think of eating disorders as being something that only afflicts teen/early 20’s females. I even thought this a little bit, especially as I was about to enter treatment. I was in my 30’s and was checking myself into an Intensive Outpatient Program and was certain I would be with a bunch of young girls. Yes, there were young girls there, several of them were “forced” into treatment by their parents. But there were several other lovely women who were closer to my age. After I finished my IOP program, I did an eating disorder group for a long time after and we had all ages/genders/colors in my group. There was no one mold for all of us, and all of us had very different reasons that we fell into similar behavior patterns.

Eating Disorders do not discriminate

I saw an article the other day about how millennials want to discuss eating disorders and how the “after-school special” no longer works. (Maybe partly due to the fact that there aren’t after-school specials anymore!) There was a quote in the article that said: ‘We’re in a totally different media landscape since the days of the after-school special. Those shows featured young, white girls of a certain social class “dying to be thin,”‘

While my eating disorder didn’t blow up into full-blown anorexia until my mid-to-late 20’s, I think there was always the niggle in the back of my mind. And it wasn’t about looking a certain way or reaching a certain number on the scale. I actually remember watching those after-school specials and identifying with the girls in them. I always thought, “I could do that.” It was the control and perfectionism that resonated with me. Those are two issues I still struggle with, I want to be in complete control of my life and make sure that everyone is perfectly happy because of the choices I’ve made.

The simple fact is that because I live in a world with other people, there is no way I can be in control of everything all the time. And I’ve started to realize that even if I make decisions in my life that others don’t agree with, they can still love/like/respect me. And if they don’t, that doesn’t need to matter either.

I didn’t run at the height of my eating disorder, running was actually a part of the healing process. Yet at the same time it fueled my ED at moments. You have no idea how exhausting a run is when you are thinking, “How many calories have I consumed today? What pace am I running at and how many miles have I gone and how many calories has that burned? How little food can I consume after this to keep myself from passing out but still keep losing weight?” It’s miserable.

I’m now at a point where my running doesn’t actually fuel my eating disorder. Yes, I think I still have an eating disorder. Experts say full recovery is possible, but I’m having a hard time seeing that. I think that I will always have to be aware of my thoughts and patterns to keep myself from falling into that negative place again.

Unfortunately, athletes are susceptible to eating disorders at alarmingly high rates, especially in sports where weight/appearance plays an importance. Runners fall into this category. And weight is frequently a focus of how to be a better runner in magazines and books. I saw on the NEDA site: “In a study of Division 1 NCAA athletes, over one-third of female athletes reported attitudes and symptoms placing them at risk for anorexia nervosa (Johnson, Powers, et al, 1999). In weight-class and aesthetic sports about 33% of males and up to 62% of females are affected by an eating disorder (Thompson, PhD. 2010).” That’s frightening!Athletes are at a higher risk of developing an eating disorder.

I’m glad there is more education available for parents, coaches, friends, family for how to support a loved one with an eating disorder. There are huge problems in the world with how we talk, not just about eating disorders but about our weight/bodies in general. It infuriates me when people I love disrespect themselves with disparaging remarks, especially when they do it around my daughter. I don’t want her to think that’s how you’re supposed to think about yourself. I love when she says “I’m so beautiful!” because she believes it and KNOWS it. I think everybody knows they are a beautiful and unique individual but the more superficial our world becomes about appearance, the more we start to condition everyone around us that we’re never enough. And that reprogramming seems to be happening at a younger and younger age. Kindergartners don’t need to be thinking “I’m so fat.” yet it is happening.

The next time you feel the need to bash some part of your anatomy, please remember your words can hurt others around you AND you’re hurting yourself with those words. Think about if you would say that statement to someone else and then treat yourself with that same kindness. I’m still trying to limit those thoughts inside my head, but I think I’m doing a pretty good job of not vocalizing them!

Sweet Calcium

Taking a supplement in pill form seems so passé these days. You can get so many in a gummy format these days, even fiber… which seems very odd to me. But you know what is an even better way to get it? In chocolate form.


I was sent a couple of bags of Adora calcium supplements to try and I decided it’s kind of fun to get calcium in a chocolate flavor… and not in those chewy, faux-chocolate chunks like other varieties. These even come in a milk or dark chocolate variety depending upon your tastes.



I think I actually preferred the dark flavor over the milk chocolate, although both were good. These aren’t going to be knock-your-socks-off, “Did you visit a chocolatier for these?” morsels, but they’re tasty and make a nice post-meal treat. If you’re a real chocolate connaisseur, you’ll still want your splurge favorites. (BTW – got a favorite kind of fancy chocolate?)

Plus, it’s nice to know you’re getting some additional nutrients in with them. An average adult would need 2-3 disks a day to get the RDA and they also contain Vitamin D3 to help the body absorb the calcium. Each disk is 30 calories with 2g fat and 2-3g carbs, depending on the variety. They’re non-GMO, gluten-free, and made with Rainforest Alliance Certified™ cocoa.


You can pick these up via Amazon, the Adora store, or look for a retailer near you.

The one issue I have with the candification* of supplements/meds is that it makes them seem like treats and something to snack on more than some kind of specific fuel for your body when you may be lacking in a nutrient due to dietary difficulties/deficiencies. And it makes kids want to snack on them more… back in the day the kids vitamins were made to be flavored, but there was still a medicinal aspect to them.

* I totally made up the word candification, but I kind of like it!

Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.

The Most Difficult Yoga Pose

I know a lot of people think of yoga and imagine something like this:

Yoga Sleep Pose

Image from

That pose is apparently the “yoga sleep pose” and I found it in a post about “10 insane yoga poses” and that whole post was… well, insane. Stuff that I have never ever struck and I’m pretty sure I don’t have the time to devote to a yoga practice that would lead to those.

Or maybe they imagine something more traditional along the lines of this:

Yoga Downward Dog pose

Image from

The downward-facing dog pose is a staple of so many yoga practices and it’s pretty much a given that you’ll end up there at some point if you do yoga. Downward dog has a lot of benefits, thus the reason we return to it so often in practice.

I can do some poses that are pretty tricky, I’ve always had a certain level of flexibility that just came naturally to me. I seem to have terrible balance and struggle with balancing poses but I find that I’m better at them with more regular practice. But none of these are the ones that I find the most difficult. The one that challenges me the most is one that is probably the easiest one to get into. It requires not twisting, folding, turning, balance, etc. It looks like this:

Yoga Corpse Pose

Image via

As I did my yoga practice the other day, I realized that when I’m crunched for time this one is the first thing that gets chopped. When I allow myself to do it, my mind is running in a million different directions. One of those directions was basically this pose, about why the pose that is just laying on the ground is so difficult for me.

I’m not alone, when I started searching it seems that many people have trouble finding stillness in corpse pose. Our world doesn’t really advocate for that, it’s become a bragging point to always be multi-tasking and trying to do as many things at a time as possible. Turning off the brain is getting harder and harder. It can also force you to just sit with your own thoughts, similar to meditation. That was something that we were encouraged a lot during eating disorder treatment, that we needed to sit with our thoughts and feelings, to not judge them and experience them. And sometimes, laying there on the floor with nothing else to occupy the physical body beyond just letting go, our minds try to overcompensate by dragging out old things. (My dog does this too… sometimes if she’s being ignored too much she starts pulling out all of her toys, even the old ones she’s ignored for a long time.) Sometimes these old thoughts or troubling thoughts are ones that needed to be dusted off and confronted in order to become stronger individuals, that is challenging!

But on the rare moments when the instructor allows for enough time in savasana, I sometimes find myself letting go, falling into stillness and then being surprised when the teacher starts telling me to wiggle my fingers and toes and start to wake my body. It’s always a little bit of a surprise to myself that I was able to release my monkey mind for just a moment. And on those days, that’s when I feel myself standing a little taller and breathing a little more deeply.

Red Fox Edge Wireless Headset

Do you use bluetooth headphones? I have tried a couple of pairs but most haven’t “stuck” with me. They are decent enough, but they just don’t work for my lifestyle most of the time.

I was recently sent the Red Fox Edge Wireless Headset to test. They were named the “Best Cordless Headphones” by Runner’s World magazine last year and I was pretty impressed with them.


The wireless headphones are pretty lightweight and they don’t bounce around. Full disclosure, the first time I paired them I ran around my house and bounced up and down trying to see if they would flop around. I run very scientific tests around these parts! They have an “IPX nano coating” which matters because that gives them protection from sweat and moisture.


They have a 32 foot range, so you can move about a lot with them on. I listened to a conference call with them on and it was nice to be able to pace around my office and not have to worry about carrying my phone every step of the way too, I could just leave it on my desk and “enjoy” my call.


I did find that if I had my ponytail in the slightly wrong place then it kind of annoyed me against the back of the headset, that caused it to bounce around! And I would recommend it for indoor exercise over outdoors, just because I’m such a stickler about blocking your ears while running outside.

Also, I haven’t gotten really smooth with the buttons on the side. I sometimes skip tracks when I’m trying to turn the volume up or I activate Siri on accident (but at least I know Siri is very responsive via the Edge Headphones!) but I think with more regular use I’d get better! Practice makes perfect or something. But it’s just not intuitive to me, I have to really think if I was supposed to be tapping on the left or right side of my head to accomplish a task.


Features include:

  • Built in microphone with single button call answering feature
  • SIRI and Google Voice integration
  • Easy-to-use controls on headset for play/pause and track forward/backward
  • The lithium ion battery provides 9 hours of continuous use and requires only 1 hour to recharge.
  • IPX4 Nano Coating provides sweat and moisture protection
  • Includes a custom case for protective storage

Time will tell if these actually become part of my regular routine. I still need to try talking on them in the car. My car has built-in bluetooth phone controls, but I’ve found the road noise makes conversations difficult so perhaps these would be better. But then, I don’t talk on the phone in the car that often anyway.

Buy on Amazon for $119.99

Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.

Life in a Nutshell

Whenever I hear “in a nutshell” this is what I think about:

Yes, the maturity level is high with this one.

Boston Marathon Training

I ran 15 miles this weekend. Every time I run a new distance beyond the half marathon distance it feels like the first time I ever did that, just because it’s been so long since I did marathon training. This weekend’s run was a really good run, it went a lot better than last weekend’s 14-miler when I had a lot of upset stomach. The weather was great, perhaps a little warm. While some parts of the country are buried under huge snow drifts, we’re experiencing above normal temps here in Las Vegas. (It’s about 80° today!) I did have several moments during my run where I thought, “It will be so awesome to have aid stations on course where I can just drink a glass of water instead of carrying it all myself.” because I do find myself rationing my fluids. I ran in capris, because I figure I’ll want to wear those for race day, and a short-sleeve shirt.

Purple @saucony #virrata2 #longrun #shoeselfie #runselfie #teamstonyfield

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30 Days of Yoga

I’ve been using the FitStar Yoga app for my yoga practice lately, I’m really liking the ability to have a new routine each day. Although, some days I haven’t done a whole practice in the app, instead opting for 5-10 minutes to do some sun salutations during the day or to do “hoses” with the kiddo. It cracks me up each time she asks to “do a Monkey Hose!”

Fatigued, so Fatigued…

One problem with marathon training is how tired I’m feeling these days. I just don’t know how to fit in a ton of sleep and all the miles I need to cover! On Wednesday mornings I’ve been running 7 miles and in a couple of weeks that will jump up to 8 miles. It’s hard to get those covered, be showered, get the kid up and ready to work by 7AM. In fact, it’s impossible… it hasn’t happened yet. Maybe if I push my alarm to go off in the 3:00 AM hour? Ugh… Last week I got home from my long weekday run and my husband was in the shower and then the kid woke up early. So I ended up staying in my running clothes until I took an early lunch break. I just brushed my hair back into a smoother ponytail, dabbed a little BB Cream on my cheeks and threw a button up shirt on over my sports bra…. Voila! I look like I’m wearing a colored tank top under a shirt and I’m presentable enough for a web conference. And all the rules about refueling within 30 minutes of the run, it never happens. I’m always on mom duty immediately after! And I go to bed too late, usually by about 10:20ish. I put #AwesomeA to bed at 8pm and then make sure things are together for her school day and try to spend some time hanging out with my husband (assuming he’s home from work by then) and catching up on blog stuff. (Um…. not catching up. Trying to find my way to the surface a little? I’m so behind. So so so behind.)

All I can say is I am really glad it is a step back week this week!


Meal Planning

Those of you who are good at meal planning, how do you do it? I’m so tired of my regular standbys, but I’m also way too tired to battle the kid to try introducing lots of new foods and in the few precious house I have with her between work/school and bedtime, I would rather play than stick her in front of TV or some other way to ignore her while I prepare meals. Especially when it’s just the two of us eating together most of the time. And before this month started, truthfully she and I had PB&J sandwiches a couple of nights a week… but now that she’s been refusing school food and I have to pack a lunch for her each day, she gets PB (well, sunflower seed butter, her school is nut-free) for lunch so I don’t want to duplicate that! I’m a terrible dinner maker! (Well, actually… these days I’m pretty much a terrible any-meal maker. I’m chalking that up to fatigue as well.)

30 Days of Yoga

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My fellow Team Stonyfield runner Angela at Happy Fit Mama invited me to join in prAna’s & Sweat Pink’s Take the Leap 30 Days of Yoga Challenge. We were both mentioning how we’ve gotten out of our yoga habits, both miss it and feel our bodies crave it. This challenge works because you don’t have to do a full 90 minute practice each day or anything like that, just taking 5 minutes to go through a few sun salutations counts. And it makes all the difference in how your body/brain feels! A bonus: Participants of the challenge can win $500 worth of prAna gear and / or gets to gift $500 worth of prAna gear to one lucky winner. I don’t own any prAna gear, but I’ve looked at their site from time-to-time and thought they had plenty of great-looking options. The challenge started on February 2, which I had inadvertently done yoga that day without even knowing I’d been invited until later that day! Woo hoo… nothing like starting out right on track! Angela even had a little mad lib on our site about yoga and I replaced her bolded words with my bolded words:

When I think about yoga, the first thought that comes to mind is PEACE. Yoga STRENGTHENS me and makes me feel SERENE. That’s why I am DETERMINED to participate in prAna’s Take The Leap 30 days of Yoga Challenge with Sweat Pink. I plan to BREATHE my way to a more FLUID and STRONG 2015! For me, the biggest challenge when it comes to yoga is SCHEDULE. Taking the Leap with prAna and Sweat Pink is a great way for me to find BRIEF ME MOMENTS. My favorite place to yoga is STUDIO because it is so PEACEFUL.

I believe you could still join the challenge:

  • Join the Take the Leap with PrAna and Sweat Pink Facebook Page and the event page.
  • Join the challenge on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or your blog (if you have one)
  • Use the hashtags #TaketheLeap #prAna #SweatPink and tag @prana, @fitapproach when you post

I took my first yoga class in college back in 1996 and I loved it, it helped me keep my head clearer. I did yoga every day in my apartment when I got home from work when I got my first job post-college in Salt Lake City. After that I’ve taken yoga classes intermittently when available, but always tried to make time to do a yoga practice or two each week on my own until I got pregnant with #AwesomeA. She’s nearly 2 1/2, it’s time to get this back in order! It helps that since I downloaded this app and did the poses with my daughter, she asks to do them nearly every night before bed.

She first tried yoga about 5 months ago:

Trying to do yoga! #AwesomeA

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She’ll be an old pro before long!

KT Tape: My Experiences

I have friends who show up to every race looking like an intricately designed tapestry of KT Tape across various parts of their body. I’ve always wondered if it makes that much of a difference to apply it for every run/race and if they do all that themselves. Have you seen some of these patterns? And do they get funky tan lines from it?

(KT Tape is a brand name of a kinesiology tape used to help support and provide pain relief for muscle, ligament, tendon pain. They have two varieties at this time: KT Tape made out of a cotton fiber that is meant to stick for up to 3 days and the KT Tape Pro which is a synthetic fiber, lasts up to 7 days and is waterproof.)

I’ve tried the regular KT Tape in the past on spots that felt a little twinge-y (technical term there) and I’ve not had any luck with the stuff. No matter how much I try to make sure my skin is perfectly clean and my hands don’t touch the tape, the stuff just peels off within a short time, sometimes nearly immediately. Maybe my skin actively repels the stuff? ;-)

But a little while back I was sent some KT Tape Pro to try. When I had my knee pain that prevented me from running a couple of weekends ago, not only did I rest and apply cold compression, but I taped it with the KT Tape Pro.


Nobody is giving me any awards for “beautiful taping” any time soon, but this stuff actually stuck! And when I took a shower with it the only parts that came unstuck were the areas where KT Tape was stuck to KT Tape. The direct contact with my skin stayed firmly adhered.

Right now I don’t feel the need to tape up anything every single time I run and I have no desire to do so. I would like to do what I can to strengthen my joints and supporting muscles so they don’t need extra supports. But when there is a little twinge-y, KT Tape Pro could actually help.

And for those of you who use it regularly and actually get KT Tape stick to your skin… fess up… do you use an adhesive?