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Run the Edge 10K Program

It’s Friday, Friday
Gotta get down on Friday
Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend, weekend
Friday, Friday
Gettin’ down on Friday
Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend

You may now mock me for including Rebecca Black’s Friday in a blog post. (That video has over 67 million views now. I hope that girl made some serious bank off that, because she has to live with it forever.)

I’ve been doing the Run the Edge 10K training program, I’m about halfway through it now and just thought I’d give you an update. The program calls for 5 days a week of running, which is exactly one day more a week than what I’d usually done in the past. I’ve been pleased with how I’ve held up with that much running. It’s been good to do regular speedwork again, because I hadn’t done any since Alex was born! I thought I was fine with plodding along and just getting in time on my feet, but I like seeing the improvements. The game board presentation is a lot of fun and even though I’m RRCA-certified, I think I need some kind of coach of my own separate from myself. It’s too easy for me to tell myself to ignore the plan I’ve written!

Run the Edge 10K Program

The flipside… it feeds into my perfectionist tendencies. Even though nobody else sees my game board, if I’ve checked off the workouts or how many points I’ve racked up during the week… I see it and I NEED to get all the points. POINTS! So I’m going to do my damnedest to get all my points for the week, which is super hard when you have the rest of life getting in the way. Or if you need sleep to recover!

The other thing that’s kind of weird is that I don’t really have a goal race for the end of this cycle. There aren’t a lot of 10Ks here in Vegas anyway, but there’s a huge dearth throughout the summer. But I don’t care, I’m doing it more for the experience and to improve my fitness! It’s just weird to be doing a training program without a goal race at the end!

Interesting to read: Dominic Croft did the 1998 Marathon des Sable (a stage race across the Sahara desert) and wrote a book about it. The book has been serialized and is available online now.

Interesting to read: The Passage by Justin Cronin – I’m almost scared to read the next book in the series, what if it doesn’t live up to the first?!

Interesting to watch: Arnold Schwarzenegger has had ups/downs in life (okay, everyone has… just some of us get publicly judged for our actions) but this short video about 6 rules of success reeks of truth.

Gross to watch: Whale carcass explodes. Because science.

Interesting to watch: Please Use This Song by Jon Lajoie

Interesting to note:  Runners can register with online code RUNWITHMEB for a special $20 discount and secure their spot in the Suja Rock ‘n’ Roll San Diego Marathon & ½ Marathon!

Interesting to see: The best thing I’ve seen all week… my punk baby on crazy hair day at school.

Alex Crazy Hair Day



So… we all know that sleep is a great form of recovery, right? But what if where we’re sleeping is actually causing more problems? I was sent a bunch of sleep gear in the REM-Fit by Protect-a-Bed line to give my bed a makeover and I’m going to be testing it for a while. Right now, the pillow protectors and mattress protector have been on my bed for 2 weeks and I’ve been sleeping on the pillow during that time too.


I plan to check back in here after I’ve been sleeping on this stuff for a couple of hot summer months. But I thought I would let you know some of the ways the system is supposed to help.

  • Preventing allergens and dust mites (particularly important as runners begin spring training).
  • Adjusting to sleepers’ temperatures so they’re not too hot or too cold (through thermoregulating properties),
  • Helping sleepers find the perfect pillow. The Rest Adjustable Pillow lets sleepers create their ideal pillow with their preferred amount of fill.

So my initial reactions…

  • I like that you can adjust the amount of fill in the pillow to meet your needs. I haven’t had as much neck and upper back pain since switching to this pillow.
  • I haven’t been extremely hot or cold in bed. And we’ve had some temperature swings. The real test will be in the summer when the overnight lows are around 90.  Anything that can help my body regulate temperature will be welcome.
  • My bed sheets stay in place better! It’s a silly thing, but having the mattress protector under my fitted sheet seems to keep the sheet from pulling up. (My husband makes a mess of the bed. You should see our bed in the morning, his side looks like a tornado went through it and mine is mostly made.) A neat and tidy bed is one of my great pleasures in life, so this seems to actually make that easier to maintain!


REM-Fit just launched its Wake-Up Champions team. This is a group of fitness enthusiasts interested in exercise and overall health (particularly sleep). They’ll be giving Wake-Up Champions team member the chance to test out new products, regular motivational tips and updates and more. It’s free to join and anyone can join.

Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.

BE REAL Shoes (minimal shoe review)


These BE REAL shoes were sent to me for the purpose of review. Opinions are my own. And also… I owe them a huge apology because I have been really slow in getting this posted!

Be Real Shoes collection

Photo from

Minimal shoes aren’t as “hot” right now, there seems to be a maximum cushioning trend going on. But I also think that we are in a new era of running shoes, where we’ll have more options available to us. Several years ago (maybe 2009?) I got a pair of Vibram Five Fingers. And I liked how they felt. I would run a speedy one-mile loop around my neighborhood in them and they were great for strengthening my calves. I wore them during my pregnancy to walk the dog. But I tried them on again about 5 months after my daughter was born and they didn’t feel good anymore. While my feet didn’t drastically change, they did change in subtle ways. Yet another weird way you can be forever altered by having a kid!

When I tried on the BE REAL shoes, I felt that same connection to the ground that I got from the toe shoes, but there were a couple of really great differences:

  1. My feet didn’t feel squished/pinched/constricted
  2. They’re easy to put on.

I don’t run far in shoes this minimal. Just some strides up/down my street and walking the dog, things of that nature. They’re good for developing strength in that regard, but I don’t want to or intend to use them for distance.


The shoes have an all-terrain sole and I have walked across rocks and it’s never bothered me. This gives them traction in a variety of conditions: trail, grass, wet, streets. Oh, and the sole is a patent-pending 100% recyclable sole. Interesting, huh? The company is committed to domestic and eco-friendly manufacturing.




To be gentle, they’re not the most attractive shoes in the world. I know, we don’t pick our running shoes by how they look. (Well, not first and foremost. We should focus on fit/feel. But if looks come into play… that’s alright.) And when I wear them with running shorts I feel like they really stand out. It’s weird how I can feel self-conscious in these but not in neon orange/yellow shoes, huh? C’est la vie.


Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.

My 4th Stitch Fix


Stitch Fix is a service that sends you a box of 5 items, hand-picked by a stylist based on information you provide when signing up, as well as feedback you provide after each fix. The more Fixes you get, the more they learn about what you like/dislike and what works for your life.

I got my 4th Stitch Fix at the end of last week. I specifically asked that they provide clothes that will work as the temperature rises here in Las Vegas. I also marked to not receive accessories in the boxes anymore before this one came. Overall, I was pretty happy with this box!

Lily Cheyanne Cross-Front top – $64
I liked this top. There were some wrinkles from it being packed into the box, but I think those will loosen up some. I also like that it’s a knit material so it’s easier to care for than dry-clean only, the neckline isn’t so low that toddler hands are going to pull it down to reveal too much and the color is great.
Verdict: Keep

C. Luce Paltrow Lace Overlay Tank – $78
I liked the color and style of this top, I like that the lace isn’t too dainty/flowery/frilly. According to my stylist the top is “fitted at the top and flowy at the bottom.” The problem was that it wasn’t fitted at the top. The arm holes were much too big, revealing my bra underneath. I had a brief moment where I thought I could tailor it or even bring the arms up a bit myself, but then I realized that I wouldn’t take that time and I didn’t want to risk ruining a top with experimental sewing on my own.
Verdict: Send back

Daniel Rainn Barcelona Short Sleeve Blouse – $68
Another great color and a nice style that can feel casual, but also be dressed up. And yet another top with armholes that are much too big. The whole top overall just felt a little too billowy. After a couple of tops that were so loose, I thought maybe I need to refine my size info on the site, but the last item in this fix fits so well that I think that change would mess up things like that.
Verdict: Send Back


Kut from the Kloth Boyfriend Short – $68
Included in the previous picture, but I’ll add an additional one… new shorts. I like the shade of the shorts and I like that they will get a lot of mileage throughout the summer. I wear pants so very little in the summers here. (Shorts or skirts/dresses… I don’t just walk around pant-less!)
Verdict: Keep


Pomelo Carissa Striped Fit & Flare Dress – $64
This was probably my favorite item in the box! I just love the dress! The only thing that would improve it is if it had pockets. (I’m going to see if I can find time to experiment with this tutorial on adding pockets to a cheaper skirt. If it works, I may adapt this dress!)
Verdict: Keep



I signed up for another fix to arrive in mid June, I’m kind of hooked on this concept! I also changed my price preferences for the next one to “the cheaper the better” to see how that changes the contents!

If you’re interested in trying Stitch Fix, please sign up using my referral link... I get a credit and that makes me happy!

Friday Fête

I have decided to be happy because it is good for my health. - Voltaire

So… if you notice a few more advertisements on the site, it’s cause I’m running an experiment to see if I can generate a little more income by using the service Chitika. True, I get lots of free product to review. But I put in a lot of time on this site as well as paying for various fees associated with running it and if I can have a little more $$ to actually cover all the operating costs (or more!) that would be great. The thing is, I want to be forthright with the people who support me by actually reading my site. If you see something that is offensive or just flat-out annoying (or if an ad ever auto-plays some kind of sound! THE HORROR!) please let me know and I will stop it. I’m trying to not implement things that I find to be maddening.

They’re making a movie version of Jem and the Holograms? Live action? And I wasn’t cast as Pizzazz? My childhood dreams have just been destroyed. (Yes, I wanted to be the “villain” in the show!) I actually have no clue who any of the people are in the cast.

Pizzazz doll

I totally had the hideousness that is this doll when I was a kid.

I shared this on Facebook/Twitter earlier this week, but I see it getting passed around even more as the week goes on… Barbell Apparel (a Las Vegas company!) is running a Kickstarter for their jeans that are made for athletes. The video on their Kickstarter is a little misleading, as it looks like you’re supposed wear the jeans for working out… but they’re supposed to be regular everyday jeans that move with you and fit over your muscles.  I’m intrigued by them.

Barbell apparel jeans

I saw this little questionnaire on a couple of other blogs… they called it the TMI questionnaire or something like that. So I figured I’d answer it! This is a personal blog at its heart… so you may as well get to know me better, right?!

1. What are you wearing?

Running clothes… I’m dressed and ready to run!

2. Ever been in love?

Yes, of course!

3. Ever had a terrible breakup?

No… I haven’t had many relationships get very serious because I always walked away before it could get deep enough to ever warrant a terrible blowout.

4. How tall are you?

5’5″ – but people always seem to think I’m smaller than that for some reason.

5. How much do you weigh?

I don’t discuss weight numbers. It can be triggering.

6. Any tattoos?

Yes, 2 of them. On the outside of my right ankle I have a sunflower (meaning: warmth, nourishment and longevity) and on the inside of my right ankle I have the Japanese Kanji for beauty and balance. I want more, but I’m undecided on precisely what I want.

7. Any piercings?

Two holes in each ear. I had 4 holes in my left ear, but 2 were pierced poorly and turned black. So I just let them close… but it took many years of stubbornness to finally give up on them. I wish I could get rid of the black!


8. Favorite song?

I think…. Float On by Modest Mouse

9. Quality you look for in a partner?

Personality (since it said quality… that’s singular so I can only list one!)

10. Favorite quote?

I have decided to be happy because it is good for my health. - Voltaire

11. Favorite actor?

Hmmm… I honestly don’t know.

12. Loud music or soft?

Loud. LOUD!!! I like being able to drive by myself and crank the music.

13. Where do you go when you’re sad?

Inside myself, which is not the healthiest.

14. How long does it take for you to get ready in the morning?

What is “ready”? Most days I roll out of bed at 5:15 AM and go straight to work in my pajamas (in my home office). But if I’m going to get presentable, about 15 minutes. If I have to shower and dry my hair, about 40 minutes.

15. Every been in a physical fight?

No. The thought of that is very laughable.

16. Turn on?

Humor and nerds! Talk geeky to me!

17. Turn off?


18. Fears?


19. Last thing that made you cry?

What’s Wrong with Wyatt

20. Last time you said you loved someone?

This morning, as I said goodbye to my baby.

21. Meaning behind your YouTube name?

It’s the same thing as all of my social media, I think it’s pretty explanatory: Jill Will Run

22. The relationship between you and the person you last texted?

A friend.

23. Favorite food?

Pizza, peanut m&m’s, mashed potatoes. Not all together.

24. Place you want to visit?


25. Do you have a crush?

Yep, on a couple of guys: Chris and Simon

Nerds #FTW

26. Last time you kissed someone?

This morning, as I said goodbye to my baby.

27. Last time you were insulted?

I don’t recall.

28. Favorite piece of jewelry?

Aside from my engagement ring… I have this groovy mesh ring from Tiffany and Co. that I love. I don’t wear it all that much because I’m afraid I’ll ruin it.

Tiffany and Co mesh ring

29. Who should answer these questions next?

Whoever wants to. On your blog, in your mind, whatever… feel free to answer some of them in the comments! :-)

The Athlete’s Cookbook

The Athlete's Cookbook

I was sent The Athlete’s Cookbook free for review, thoughts are my own.

The Athlete's Cookbook

If you’ve ever spent time on any message board with athletes, food is always a hot topic. Hell… food is a hot topic in this country all around. There are different opinions on which food groups to include/exclude, which diet is good/bad/best/worst and conflicting advice flying at us from every avenue. It’s enough to make you go crazy. So for the most part, I’ve learned to avoid it… but it wasn’t easy to retrain my brain in that regard. So I’m always a little leery about reviewing books that have to do with food/diet.

The Athlete’s Cookbook one is overall very good, there are a couple of things that are maybe a little questionable, but nothing too dire. (Only if the reader takes everything too literally.)


The bulk of the book is actually recipes, which I found nice. And the recipes are all normal food. There’s no instructions about the strange special ingredients you have to order from an unknown website or branded food-products. The meal plans/protocols included are pretty straight-forward goals as well; weight management, strength training, endurance. No unrealistic promises like: drop your pace by 2 min/mile or shed 4 dress sizes in a week or get ripped glutes in a day.

And while I skimmed the plans and the advice they gave on how/when to eat certain recipes, I’m never going to refer back to those. They do offer some meal plans that recommend recipes from the book and when to eat those during the day in relationship to workouts. As long as the reader takes that as a general rule of thumb and applies it to their own life (for example, you don’t HAVE to eat the exact recipe at 5 AM on Wednesdays if that doesn’t work for you!) then they are good guidelines.

With a toddler at home and a husband who’s never at home, I find it hard to fit in recipe testing. But I did find time to make a few things from this book and my favorite so far has to be the Hot Quinoa Cereal.

Hot Quinoa Cereal

The great thing about this recipe is that it can serve as the foundation for several variations. So instead of the chopped nuts and mango, I’ve adapted it to put whatever fruit/nuts I feel like. Just the approach of cooking the quinoa with cinnamon and vanilla makes for a great base that can be enjoyed hot or cold. To make it super easy, throw the quinoa, water, cinnamon, vanilla and salt in a rice cooker. Keep the leftovers in the fridge for a few days to pull out for easy breakfast.

Hot Quinoa Cereal

The book is great in that it has recipes from several different regions, it doesn’t just try to recreate “American classics” in a healthier way. None of it feels like it’s trying to adapt to being healthier, they’re just practically healthy! And I like that they don’t feature calorie counts on the recipes, it helps with following intuitive eating cues, at least for me.

And if you’re wondering about the cute little text/icons on the pics… I got a new app: MocaDeco. I had to play with it!

Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.

Apera Sling Tote


I was sent an Apera bag for the purpose of review. All thoughts are my own.

Apera Bag - Sling Tote

To go to baby swim class with Alex, I usually just shoved swim stuff into the diaper bag. It worked alright, but it wasn’t ideal – especially once we had the wet stuff to bring home. So when I had a chance to try a new gear bag from Apera I was excited. The bag can easily be used for the gym, yoga/barre/pilates class, overnight trip or even in place of a diaper bag for day-to-day life!

The bag has a lot of pockets and I was able to easily fit my wallet, phone, diapers, wipes, swimsuits, towels, water bottle and baby clothes/shoes in the bag. (I’m going to admit, after swim class… we often leave with Alex in just a diaper and a shirt. She’s usually starving and ornery, wasting too much time getting completely dressed just prolongs her agony, thus prolonging mine!)

Apera Sling Tote - full of swim class gear

Apera bags are made with an antimicrobial protection inside and out, which makes it so the bag resists bacterial odor. Thus, they don’t stink! There are vented compartments, which allow the bag to breathe and you don’t trap in a funk if you put your sweaty running shoes in there. The linings are all wipeable for easy cleaning. You can keep wet and dry stuff in the bag separate and it won’t soak across barriers, including special padded sections for electronics.


The bag feels kind of large on its own, but I think that as it gets used some of the initial stiffness will loosen up and it won’t feel quite so big.  Plus it just looks nice!

Another cool thing about the company? For every 3 bags they sell, they donate one to a Special Olympics athlete. And they don’t just donate bags, they also promise to share their time, energy and resources with local Special Olympics events.


Apera Bags website
Apera Bags on Twitter
Apera Bags on Facebook

Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.

DJs for PJs 5K [Race Report]


This morning Alex and I ran the DJs for PJs 5K. Well… I ran it, she went along for the ride.


I picked up my packet the day before at a local Kohl’s store. Part of the event was a pajama drive for kids, so I had purchased a pair of baby pajamas at Target earlier in the week. I felt a little silly carrying a pair of pajamas into Kohl’s to donate. I guess I could have just bought a pair there!

Race participants could pick between a gray or a blue shirt. My shirt is a size S and it is huge. It will either become a sleep shirt or disappear completely.

djsforpjs-shirtfront.jpg djsforpjs-shirtback.jpg

The packet also came with about a billion pieces of paper for various businesses, some of which I actually found interesting. There were some for free drinks and free desserts. (Okay, odds are I will never redeem those, because I don’t need a yard size drink and the desserts are at places I probably wouldn’t take my daughter for dinner and I don’t know what a date night is anymore.)


Also, there were a couple of things for free workouts: a boot camp workout and a couple classes at a yoga studio. The yoga studio is nowhere near my house… but they have TRX classes. If I can fit in a couple free TRX classes, I’d love to try it! Those may be worth redeeming.


We also got some other random stuff, including a water bottle that came with a warning that you should never put it in the dishwasher as it may melt. WHAT?! And a pen on a leash… in case your pen wanders away. And one of those RedStar sunglasses cards. Anyone ever redeemed one of those?


It was about 75 degrees at race time, but it definitely felt warmer than that! My body needs to do the first heat adaptation! (The second will come when we are over 100 all the time! Vegas Baby!)


Runners/walkers were encouraged to wear their PJs for the race. The irony, I wore an old race tech-shirt to bed with a pair of gym shorts. I got up in the morning, changed out of those into a different tech shirt and running shorts! The people who actually wore PJs looked too hot!

The course was uphill for the first half. I’ve run this path soooooo many times. I don’t even know how many times, yet today it felt harder than it ever has in the past. Maybe because I was pushing about 50 pounds uphill! (I think the stroller weighs about 30 lbs and my little peanut is around 21 lbs.)

I like the pace chart from my Garmin, how you can see where it dips on some inclines. Oh, and where my passenger demanded WATER! and when she was ALL DONE! I’m not so competitive that I’m going to ignore that, it was warm!


I had a lot of cheers on the course, lots of people yelling out “Go Mommy Runner!” and “Run Mom!” At the turnaround the volunteers there were yelling, “First stroller runner! Woo hoo!” It was kind of funny, I have never gotten that much attention for pushing a stroller in a race. At the finish line there was a gal just a little ahead of me and some guy started yelling, “Go mom runner, push it in. Pass that girl!” So I did… :-)

We got a medal when we crossed the finish line. Then the organizers said, “Give them another one, for the baby.” So Alex has her own medal, her very first one. She likes pointing out the “baby” on it. (She points out babies everywhere.)


Jamba Juice was one of the sponsors and they had little smoothies at the finish for everyone. I went to pick one up and they asked if I wanted one for my cute baby. I had assumed I would just share some with her, but they promised there was enough for her to have her own. She loved it.


What she didn’t love was all the people who wanted to talk to her. And when the race photographers/videographers gathered right in front of me and asked if they could take our picture and get video of us, she started to cry. She has a little bit of trouble with straw cups sometimes, she tries to tip them up like she was drinking from a sippy cup. And well… that gets messy. So when you are already kind of upset and then end up with cold smoothie all down the front of your chest, you might be sad and start crying harder, saying, “Go go go. Home.” So we left before the awards ceremony could start, thus I have no idea if I placed in my AG or if we won any of the raffle prizes. But we did ruin a shirt!


It was a fun little event, I think the crowd was a little smaller because there was the big Mustang 50th Anniversary Half/5K going on, but that’s a one time thing and if they do this one again next year I’d participate. It’s a good cause and they did a nice job with the organization. And there’s something about having down a race in the morning that makes the day feel so much more interesting than if we’d just done the menu planning, grocery shopping, stuff around home like usual.

Friday Fête

I am "Cosima" from Orphan Black

Award Show

My site was nominated as one of the 50 top health blogs. Please vote for me, for the glory or something! I’m also 99.9% sure that I won’t overcome the people who already have 50+ votes! What kind of army do they have attacking these types of sites to vote them up that much? :-)

Nominated - Health & Fitness blogs on VoiceBoks

Quiz Show

All those quizzes shared on Facebook are kind of annoying. You know, the ones that tell you which Family Guy character you are, or what shade of gray you are*… But sometimes, for some reason they take control of my mouse and I click on them. And then I inadvertently take the quiz and have no idea how to answer the questions because they’ll have a bunch of pictures of cartoon characters and say “Which 2000′s cartoon character is your favorite?” and I’m like, “I don’t know… what are those shows?” And then I get a result that tells me “You are Brian the dog” or “You are slate gray.” and I realize, “That was well worth 5 minutes of my life.” Anyway…. the other day I saw one for the TV show Orphan Black, a show that I didn’t even know existed until a month or so ago, and proceeded to watch all 10 episodes on Amazon Prime over the course of a few days. So I took the quiz. And for once, I felt like I could answer the questions with some kind of confidence. And I like the result it gave me. So…. just felt like sharing that for no real reason!

I am "Cosima" from Orphan Black

*I totally made up those quiz titles, but it would not surprise me if they existed.

**Edit: Apparently these quizzes do exist. Family Guy character and Shades of Grey (has to do with the dirty novels!)

***Edit 2: Apparently I am not Brian, I am “barely” Stewie. “Quick witted and quick tempered, you are often the smartest person in the room and you know it. You are intelligent, cultured and incontinent. It’s the last part of that statement which holds you back from your ultimate goal of world domination.”  And I ignored the Shades of Grey quiz.

Book Show

I recently read the book Daring Greatly by Brene Brown. I like her TED talks and had heard positive things about this book; it was available for library checkout… so it ended up in my hands! I really liked it. I used to think of vulnerability as a bad thing, but this book helped me recognize that vulnerability and weakness are two distinct things. Vulnerability is basically the only way to develop meaningful connections with one another human being. And if we can’t express vulnerability with those close to us, maybe they aren’t really meant to be close to us.

The book touches on parenting, which I didn’t realize before I started it but I found that I really liked the parenting philosophy of “Be the kind of adult you want your child to be.” (That’s probably paraphrasing… I don’t have the book in front of me!)

I want Alex:

  • to be independent, but not afraid or unwilling to ask for and accept help when she needs it.
  • to make decisions for herself, not based on what she thinks others want.
  • to cultivate her own hobbies/interests.
  • to be confident.
  • to be open-minded, loving and accepting.

I think I need to do better on some of those things if I’m going to be the adult I want her to be!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Pure Barre Las Vegas


Lately I’ve become kind of obsessed with barre workouts. So when I had the opportunity to visit the Las Vegas Pure Barre studio, I was ALL OVER THAT!

The first Friday of each month is “Bring a Friend For Free” – so it’s a way for newbies to the studio to check out a class for free. Just contact the studio to book your class!

I entered the lobby and met the studio’s owner, Lauren, who was very welcoming and explained the ropes to me of getting setup for class.

They have a whole “store” area in the lobby too! You can buy various apparel for the workouts or to just support the Pure Barre brand.

She got me squared away with a pair of grippy socks, everybody must wear socks in the studio. They also request that participants wear long or capri-length pants and tops that cover the midriff. This is to keep some of the heat you build up during the workout.

She took me into the studio, it’s got a barre all around the room and one wall is covered in mirrors.

She also instructed me on the equipment used during the workout. Yes, 2lb dumbbells look pretty weak… but after a while those tiny little weights can really start to inflict a burn when you’re doing small movements repeatedly!

We had movements where we kept that ball gripped in our knee-pit (technical term there!) and had to do tiny little leg lifts with it held there. Or we put the bands around our legs just above the knees to make moves harder and add resistance.

Our time was split between the center of the classroom and work at the barre. There wasn’t talk of ballet positions during class and I never felt like you had to be a ballerina (or even super coordinated) to do it! There were times that I felt kind of clumsy, wondering if I was in the right position, but I was never too far off!

I LOVE LOVE LOVED the workout and left feeling so invigorated! My class was taught by Noelle, she told us that we’d hate her during class and maybe the few days after but then grow to love her. Sorry Noelle, I liked you the whole time… even if you made my muscles burn and then ache for a few days after!


Noelle and me – she’s got amazing definition in her arms, huh?

Noelle spotted little things where I could correct my form and get better results. She was great at being able to correct people in a way that made sense without making you feel like you were a moron! I can’t wait to take another class from her, but I also can’t wait to check out other instructors’ styles too! No two workouts are exactly the same either, it’s not like it’s a prescribed routine that you learn and get bored with over time.

The only real downsides to Pure Barre for me are:

  1. Location: It’s a little bit of a drive so it’s hard to go there on my lunch break, but at least it’s still on my side of town. But I think I would like to try to make that happen a couple times a month. I start working early enough and do enough outside of typical work hours that I should be able to swing that! I might be able to plan for a weekend class every now and then too once it is no longer my CPA husband’s busy season. (Countdown is on – couple more weeks!)
  2. Price: Pure Barre is not a cheap class. And I’m a cheapskate! But this was so awesome and wonderful, again… I’m going to allow myself to do this!

Barre is a great complement to running. It fatigues every muscle in the body (seriously, I think I found a few new muscles), it illustrated to me that my glutes on the left weren’t quite firing with the same efficiency as my right (which could affect my running) and it incorporates stretches to loosen up tight runner legs.  While there are online opportunities to do these workouts, and I use some of these, getting into the studio with a trained instructor has huge benefits.

Pure Barre Las Vegas
3330 S. Hualapai Way Suite 140
Las Vegas, NV 89117

Oh…. and the bathrooms made me smile.