Word of the Year

Evidently, it’s a thing to declare a word of the year. I know this because Medium told me so. So I’m declaring my word for 2017… Anxiety. I have been put back on medication to deal with that. This means I get to visit the doctor about every 4 weeks for “med checks” as we

Nowhere Near First [Book Review]

A little while ago I heard that a talk/presentation was going to be given at a local running store by ultrarunner Cory Reese. I thought to myself, “That name sounds familiar, wonder why?” Then I saw a picture of him and thought to myself, “I feel like I went to college with this person.” Then

Turkey Trot Plans?

Are you running a Turkey Trot this year? I had a streak where I ran one every year for quite some time. Then I had a kid and I didn’t make it to one because of travel, illness, and other barriers. This year my schedule has been kind of really up in the air. But we nailed