To Run or Not To Run

I’m going to Cancun for a week. Now the real debate is: Do I run while on vacation, or just pick up the training when I get back? My official training with TNT doesn’t begin until June 14. So I do have time to “take a break”. But I get antsy when I take time

Already Time Difficulties

I knew training for a marathon would be a time consuming process. I went through it once before and for this event I’m going to be training even harder and (hopefully) more efficiently. But it still eats into your time, especially once you get into your longer distances. I certainly didn’t anticipate conflicts already! My

So it Begins

I just started this blog to keep me on task and on point in my training for the San Antonio Rock and Roll Marathon with Team in Training! My first meeting with the organization was last night. I was surprised to see on Dooce’s site today that her stepfather was recently diagnosed with lymphoma. Timely