Bouncy, Bouncy

This morning I tried a couple new techniques in my training. 1. I set two alarms, one at 4 AM and one at 5 AM. When the alarm went off at 4 I took my thyroid pill and then went back to sleep until 5:00. Well, that was the theory. Once I woke up, I

Runs From Dogs

I started doing my official TNT training this week; we received the first 3 months of our schedule at the kick-off on Saturday. I had to add one more day of running to the schedule I was already doing, so 4 days of running along with two days of cross-training and a day of rest.

Kick-Off Recap

The kick-off event for TNT was yesterday and it has solidified my excitement for this event. We received our training schedules (even though they will actually change by our first group run on Saturday as they switch locations around) and training jerseys, assigned mentors, listened to presentations on shoes/clothing and yelled out a lot of

Almost Here!

The big kick-off event for Team In Training fall events is tomorrow. I’m way excited. I’ll post a recap after the event, because I know I’ll want to record it all so I remember as much as possible about this whole process!


I’m still trying to figure out how to properly fuel myself before running. I need to get my runs done early in the morning (5:00 AM), so I can beat the heat. I’m also supposed to take my Synthroid in the morning, on an empty stomach and waiting an hour before eating. So I usually

Just Moving

Right now, my training plan is to “just keep moving”. I don’t have an official training plan, although I will probably receive that from TNT a week from today at the kick-off event. So for now, I’m just making sure that I get out there to put some miles on my feet. Yesterday I ran