Runners Tag

Reading Time: 1 minute jlou and Terri tagged me for this little game that’s been going around the running blogs. The idea is to post 6 random things about yourself. Here goes: I hate peas. But I love, love, love broccoli. My favorite movies of all time

Nutrition Clinic

Reading Time: 2 minutes Last night we had a Nutrition Clinic sponsored by TNT. The speaker was a guy who is a Registered Dietitian and is one of the only certified sports-nutritionists in the area. It was kind of interesting to hear his perspective on things. Many


Reading Time: 2 minutes No need for a warm-up today, it was HOT HOT HOT out there! I met up with some of my fellow TNTer’s this evening for jaunt through the 108° weather. Really need to keep the fluids going when it’s like that. I was

No Repeat of Last Monday

Reading Time: 2 minutes Last night as I headed to bed, all I could think was, “I don’t want to wake up early to run.” But I still set out my running clothes and gear, set my alarm and got in bed. At 4:30 AM, the alarm

Why Fundraising?

Reading Time: 2 minutes My family has been hit hard by breast cancer. My mother, grandmother, great-aunt, great-grandmother have all been diagnosed with this beast, some of them multiple times. At first I started thinking I would do fundraising events specific to that cancer. I’ve done a

So Inclined

Reading Time: 2 minutes Each week we get a few e-mails from our coaches, informing us of the week’s upcoming group run and other clinics/events that are available to us. In this week’s message they mentioned we needed to be sure we are consuming sport drink, we