Slightly Slow

I did the same run as yesterday morning, only I did it in reverse. Unfortunately I was about 30 seconds slower than yesterday. Not a big deal and I keep telling myself that I shouldn’t stress about speed, I have no delusions of being a really fast runner. But it was still a little frustrating

New Route Success

This morning’s run was good, the new route was a success. Not only were there no evil dogs chasing after me, but there was less traffic so I felt more free to run on the asphalt of the road as opposed to the hard concrete of the sidewalks. (Better on the knees!) I enjoyed it


Today was not a running day, it was a cross-training day. So I chose to do some Vinyasa Yoga. I have been practicing yoga for 11 years now and it still amazes me how the same repetitive motions can stretch and release the body in different ways at different times. I think I am going

First Group Run!

Okay, so all my worrying was for nothing. (It usually is, someday I will learn to just “chill”.) My group run was AWESOME! 1. I met nice people. There are so many great people participating. Sure, there were a few gals there that looked like they were confused and thought we were participating in some


Do you ever feel like this: You can’t sit still, you’re all fidgety and your insides are twisted up in little knots. You’re not sick, but you’ve got this bundled up feeling of nervousness, excitement and a little fear all working on your mind for the entire day? That’s kind of how I feel today.

Bouncy, Bouncy

This morning I tried a couple new techniques in my training. 1. I set two alarms, one at 4 AM and one at 5 AM. When the alarm went off at 4 I took my thyroid pill and then went back to sleep until 5:00. Well, that was the theory. Once I woke up, I