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Vapor Fresh Laundry Detergent

I was sent Vapor Fresh laundry detergent free to try out. Vapor Fresh is a high-performance laundry detergent suitable for gym clothes. This post contains affiliate links, thanks for supporting the site. When I did a race on New Year’s Eve, I was standing in line for packet pickup and noticed the person in front

Nowhere Near First [Book Review]

A little while ago I heard that a talk/presentation was going to be given at a local running store by ultrarunner Cory Reese. I thought to myself, “That name sounds familiar, wonder why?” Then I saw a picture of him and thought to myself, “I feel like I went to college with this person.” Then

KININ – Personal Diffuser Review

Container for the three KININ collection, a personal diffuser line that I was sent free to review on my site. Aromatherapy is big business these days, even though it’s got a pretty long history. I have a few diffusers in my house, and even though I can’t condone or support the messages that an essential

Quick Strength for Runners

Disclaimer: I checked this book out from the public library. I do have some affiliate links scattered throughout this post, so clicking on them may earn me a couple of pennies. Thanks for supporting this site! I recently finished the 8-week program in the book Quick Strength for Runners Book by Jeff Horowitz. I took 10 weeks

Run the World

Disclaimer: links in this post that point at Amazon are affiliate links. Sometimes I earn some pennies when people follow those links and then make a purchase. Thanks for supporting the site! Last week I had jury duty… I knew I’d have a lot of time to just sit around, so I took a book.