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2018 Skye Canyon 8K Trail/Road Race

On March 10 I got to run the Skye Canyon 8K Trail/Road Run. There are two distances at this event, a 5K that is all on roads and an 8K that is on roads and on trails. This is the 3rd year in a row the race has existed, the 3rd year in a row

2017 Skye Canyon 8K Road/Trail Mix

On Sunday I got to run a race, the Skye Canyon 8K Road/Trail Mix! I ran this race last year (no recap to link to, I had a major brain cramp last year with race recaps. I just didn’t write them!) but the event happened in May. I was excited it was moved up to

Revolution Run 2017 [Race Report]

Today I ran my first race of 2017. The race I ran last night to close out 2016 had a counterpart race to kick off 2017. I elected to do the 10K for both events. Unlike the Resolution Run of last night, where I had participated in several prior years, this year was a first

Resolution Run 2016 [Race Report]

Tonight I ran my final race of 2016, the Resolution Run 10K. 2016 has been a year that has been pretty weak in terms of racing… but not that it would be apparent here because I also haven’t written a single race report this year. WHAT?! I ran a half marathon in May, a trail

Trick or Trot 10K 2015 [Race Report]

Saturday I ran a 10K… for some reason it feels like every single race this year has just snuck up on me. “Oh, an email telling me I have a packet pickup tomorrow. Okay, I’ll do that.” Well, maybe this one wasn’t THAT sneaky because I did prepare for it some. Not like I was training