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Reading Time: 4 minutes So… we’re on vacation this week. It’s a thrilling experience in Fabulous Las Vegas! But wait, we live in Las Vegas… so it’s not that thrilling. This is the culmination of my child’s school being closed this week, forcing our hand to take

Friday Fête

Reading Time: 4 minutes Happy Friday! It’s almost time to do tons of laundry and chores! Woo hoo!!!! OMG it’s the weekend! Okay, actually… I get to run a half marathon this weekend too. And then come home to do laundry and chores. Time to share random

Friday Fête

Reading Time: 4 minutes Recently I asked on Facebook for some ideas about indoor activities for almost-3-year-olds. Sometimes during the summer in Vegas, you just gotta treat it like the winter elsewhere… there’s no way you’re playing outside because the weather just isn’t cooperating. And my kid

Working Mom

Reading Time: 1 minute Typing some numbers into a spreadsheet for a meeting that starts in 2 minutes. My cell rings. Glance at the display, it’s the kid’s school. Nothing good ever comes from a call from the kid’s school at 8:58 AM.  “Hello.” “Hi Jill. ‘A’

Holiday Weekend, What?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Was it a holiday yesterday? It was a Monday and I didn’t have work. It was a Monday and my kid didn’t have school. It was a Monday and my husband didn’t go into the office. But he worked the whole day and