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She’s 3!!!!

Reading Time: 2 minutes How did this happen? My baby is 3 today! We had cake and ice cream as our little family unit last night. Or as #AwesomeA says, “Just the 4 of us. Mommy, A, Daddy and Jade.” Sometimes she says JadeTheBoxer is her sister,

Digipuppets Review

Reading Time: 2 minutes We were sent these Digipuppets free to review a few weeks back. When we first opened the companion apps, I was a little worried that maybe my nearly-3-year-old might be a little young for some of the activities, but she jumped into the


Reading Time: 3 minutes Yesterday was my 37th birthday. I would love to entertain you with stories about my exciting day/night out in Las Vegas… but that’s not what happened. In fact, the whole day was kind of a let down. I think my kid wasn’t feeling