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Capacity for More

Reading Time: 2 minutes When flipping through my daily Timehop today, I saw this post. The tweet was posted after I took a few days away from home to attend a conference for work. I had to laugh when I saw this because, literally, just a few

Keep Going

Reading Time: 1 minute If you don’t know who Hal Higdon is, he’s a runner and an author. He has written TONS of running books and running training plans that have been used by so many runners. This is the reason all of us are runners… we started

I Am A Runner

Reading Time: 1 minute Saw this quote today and it resonated with me. I have been frustrated the weather has prevented me from running outside much. I have struggled with motivation. But as of today I have exceeded my monthly mileage goal by 6 miles despite dealing

The Inner Runner [Book Review]

Reading Time: 3 minutes This book… this book… The Inner Runner is a really really really good book! The Inner Runner by Jason R. Karp, PhD is not a technique book. It’s not a training plan book. It’s not going to tell you how to run faster, longer, harder.