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Reading Time: 2 minutes This image came to me from Shine* today. Sometimes we “nourish” our bodies with high quality foods with great nutritional properties. And sometimes we “nourish” our souls with a good meal with friends or baking cookies with a child. It’s all about a

Less or More?

Reading Time: 2 minutes I saw this issue of @real_simple while grocery shopping the other day. It immediately made me start to think (perhaps I should pick up the issue and read the article) about how I can have “less” in my life. I’m super stressed and

Hylux Sports Drink

Reading Time: 1 minute Hylux Sports Drink: This project is live on Kickstarter right now – I was sent a couple of bottle to sample and it’s pretty tasty. The interesting thing about this product is the fact that it was created by a student-athlete and

Athleisure Catalogs

Reading Time: 2 minutes The mail delivery is trying to tell me “it’s okay. You can wear athleisure apparel all the time. Go for it!” The @titlenine catalog always has tempting items. The @reebok one didn’t jump out at me. I’ve been on the @fabletics site enough