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Massage Shouldn’t Hurt

This Zim’s Max Freeze has been my best friend lately. I got a massage on Monday

Sweet Sweet Cold Relief

This post is about The Stinger massage ball, a cryotherapy/massage tool from Recoup Fitness. It was

ShinTekk – Strengthen the Lower Leg to Prevent Injury

Shin splints seem to be dreaded by a lot of people in the running community. Either

Epsoak Epsom Salts – San Francisco Salt Company

Do you soak in Epsom salts? I was recently sent some Epsoak, Epsom salts from the

New KT Tape Product – PRO X Patches

I was sent some KT Tape PRO X patches to try, they’re being introduced this month to

Arctic Ease

 A couple of months ago I was sent some Arctic Ease to try out. And I