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Massage Shouldn’t Hurt

This Zim’s Max Freeze has been my best friend lately. I got a massage on Monday and it was horribly painful. Massage shouldn’t be that painful. During the massage, the pain was pretty intense, but I kept telling myself that it was doing me some good. “It was working out all the knots that had

Sweet Sweet Cold Relief

This post is about The Stinger massage ball, a cryotherapy/massage tool from Recoup Fitness. It was sent to me free for the purpose of review but opinions posted are always my own. Last week I started feeling a little achy and stiff throughout my lower body, with the added bonus of pain in my right

New KT Tape Product – PRO X Patches

I was sent some KT Tape PRO X patches to try, they’re being introduced this month to the market.  They’re designed to provide targeted pain relief for muscles. The beauty is that they don’t require any cutting or complicated application. They’re basically peel, stretch, stick, flatten. They can also be used in conjunction with regular KT

Arctic Ease

 A couple of months ago I was sent some Arctic Ease to try out. And I looked at it, but wasn’t quite sure how best to evaluate it when I didn’t feel that I needed the product at that moment. So I kind of sat on it and pondered it… until this weekend when I