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Choosing to Rest is Hard

When looking at runners from the outside, we’re a weird bunch. A lot of people naturally just want to sit around and it’s a feat of willpower to force themselves to exercise. But for many runners, when we’ve been at it for a while, we just want to keep running. And choosing to take a

KININ – Personal Diffuser Review

Container for the three KININ collection, a personal diffuser line that I was sent free to review on my site. Aromatherapy is big business these days, even though it’s got a pretty long history. I have a few diffusers in my house, and even though I can’t condone or support the messages that an essential

Massage Shouldn’t Hurt

This Zim’s Max Freeze has been my best friend lately. I got a massage on Monday and it was horribly painful. Massage shouldn’t be that painful. During the massage, the pain was pretty intense, but I kept telling myself that it was doing me some good. “It was working out all the knots that had