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Spring Forward

“Spring Forward” and then drag all week long! Remember to set your clocks forward tonight. And if you’re one of those who does a long run on Sundays (or even better, has a race in the morning!) I wish you good luck! Running and the spring time change go together like peanut butter and mustard.

January 2017 StrideBox

The January 2017 StrideBox arrived at my house on Saturday: – PR Bar – 1st Endurance EFS Drink – Cognitea – Mission Nitroactive Hand/Foot warmer – Win Detergent – iGloves As I try things, I’ll come back into this post to add notes. You can subscribe to StrideBox for $15.

2016 Athleisure Advent Calendar

I have a love/hate relationship with “athleisure” wear. Mainly because I feel like some of it is cute, but some of it is absolutely ridiculous. Plus it’s fostered this weird culture where people wear athletic clothing to places where it’s just not appropriate. Anyway, the area is a weird indulgence of mine and the longer

2016 Holiday Shopping Guide

I’m not a very good gift shopper… I always think, I’d love to get my family/friends thoughtful and meaningful things. And then the holidays get closer and I freak out and give everyone a gift card. But I’m good at thinking of things I like! So I figure… maybe some other runners want these things