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I used to scoff at the idea that I would ever be a runner. Now it's very deeply ingrained into who I am... Running completes me!

Racing Laces Review [and Giveaway!]

Bungee shoe laces… if you’re at all a gear geek you’ve probably seen them around. You may even think “Another brand for the same ol’ product.” Honestly, I did.

But something about the passion and excitement that Kirby, one of the founders, conveyed through his messages to me made me think there’s more to this brand. And looking into their site and the product… there is.

Features that distinguish Racing Laces from others:

  • They’re reflective, this isn’t an “add-on” feature but is standard across the board.
  • They’re made from Malaysian rubber, not the more standard synthetic runner. This makes them stronger against the elements and time.
  • Dual spring-loaded locking mechanism keeps each side of the lace where it is supposed to be.
  • Stainless steel spring so it won’t rust.

Another thing that really distinguishes Racing Laces from others is the detail of information they point out on their site. The most interesting to me:

They point out how elasticized laces can actually help improve running performance and the runner can gain speed by using them. How? The laces allow the foot to move through natural range of motion and expansion, so your muscles can develop. And as muscles grow stronger, you improve your power and balance!

Oh… and they look nice and come in 10 colors!


How did they perform for me? I actually went for a run with my regular laces on one shoe and the Racing Laces on the other. Just from that little test I was able to tell how the stretch actually improved the comfort of my shoe. And after running in them several times (yes, I moved to having the Racing Laces on both shoes) and then going out for a run in shoes without the Racing Laces I was really aware of how much more restrictive my shoes felt. It kind of surprised me!

Racing Laces sell for $11.99 a pair on their website and they offer free shipping on all orders.

If you want to order some, you can get 15% off everything in your cart at RacingLaces.com using code: jillslaces15

The ultimate way to try something new is to get it for free, right? I’ve got 2 pairs to give away here. So enter into via the Rafflecopter widget for your chance. Giveaway is open for 1 week. Er… 1 week and a couple of days. I’m not picking a winner on Thanksgiving, sorry ya’ll! I am taking my holiday and you should too!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I received a pair of Racing Laces free to review on my site, but opinions are always my own. And full disclosure, I’m going to order some more.

Mizuno Wave Rider 19


I was sent a pair of Mizuno Wave Rider 19 shoes to test. After spending a week running in them, I can say that they’re not the shoes for me. But there are some mighty nice things about them.

The basics:

  • Classification: Neutral
  • Weight: 8 1/4 oz.
  • Heel-to-Toe Drop: 12oz
  • Retail: $120


The shoe laces seemed longer than other shoes… I didn’t lay them out next to another pair of shoes, just a random and unverified observation. The shoes are definitely attractive, earning lots of “ooohs” and “aaaahs” when I posted them on Instagram. The upper felt soft, flexible, and comfortable. But once I started to run I felt like the shoes were pretty firm. I’ve heard reports from some that the shoes started out firm and softened up over time but I want my shoes to feel “right” from the beginning. My footfalls were a lot louder in these shoes, I think due to the more inflexible sole.


The shoes are available from most online retails.
Buy Mizuno Wave Rider 19 on Amazon (<affiliate)

However, if you are completely new to these, you may want to hit up a specialty run store where they should let you run around the store/block a bit in the shoes to get a feel for the shoe. If you are already in previous versions of the Wave Rider, it’s similar but with some minor adjustments.

I will find a good home for these to live, I have plenty of running friends who will probably enjoy the feel. That’s the beauty of running shoes… there are options for everyone!

Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.

Glimpse Into My Brain


  • I should write more.
  • How would I fit that in?
  • Why don’t I have more time to myself?
  • How do people have time to craft? WTF?
  • And girls nights? How do people go out with girlfriends all the time when they have kids? I’m lucky if I get that roughly 7 times a year.
  • I’m a bad friend.
  • Seriously, why is it so hard for me to reach out to people.
  • Probably because I feel like I have no time.
  • I’d totally sign up for some group fitness class if I had more time. Then I’d see other human beings more often.
  • How would I pick? There are so many to choose from… yoga, barre, spin, boot camp…
  • But they’re so far away? Why aren’t there more cool fitness studios in my part of town?
  • Maybe I should move.
  • Ha! Like I want that hassle. Ain’t nobody got time for that.
  • But seriously, why am I so swamped?
  • I look back at life 3 years ago and I felt busy then, but I wasn’t as busy then as I am now.
  • Is that what life is? You just keep feeling busy, but keep cramming more stuff into it? And then you die?
  • That’s cheery.
  • Look at that tiny baby over there.
  • Wow… time sure does fly, seems like my kid was that tiny yesterday. Now she’s 3!
  • Holy crap… that woman with a 1-year-old is big and pregnant. Ugh…
  • So glad that’s not me. Pregnancy blows.
  • Who feels beautiful pregnant? Do people really feel beautiful or is that some kind of myth created to make the rest of us feel bad?
  • Maybe it’s people who aren’t pregnant in 110-degree heat like I was.
  • Nah… cause that was just part of my pregnancy and I felt like crap the whole time.
  • Blech… just thinking about pregnancy makes me sad. What’s happier?
  • Running.
  • Running is pretty awesome.
  • I’m finally feeling that curve of improvement that was explained in my RRCA certification course for beginning runners.
  • That time where a beginner of any age will continue to see improvements for their first 7 years of running.
  • That sounds like Stefon. “It’s that time, where in running, and you are a beginner, but if you keep being consistent with running, for the first seven years you will see improvements.”
  • Anyway… running improvement.
  • I missed out on some of my time that I could have been improving.
  • Damn eating disorder treatment.
  • Okay, it was a good thing.
  • But it caused me to miss out on some serious running time.
  • Maybe.
  • ED could have taken me out too.
  • Of course, that whole ED thing caused me to miss out on some big chunks of life too.
  • Why do I have holes and gaps in my memory from that time? Did I ruin my brain or was that just some kind of protective mechanism?
  • How can I be thinking about all these things as I do other things?
  • My brain is convoluted.
  • I want to sign up for another race.
  • Just a week ago I was thinking that perhaps I wouldn’t race at all in 2016.
  • Maybe instead of no races in 2016, I’ll sign up for another marathon.
  • Mountains to Beach marathon sounds cool.
  • Or I’ll do an ultramarathon finally!
  • But racing is a hassle when you have a kid.
  • And training for big mileage is a hassle when you have a kid.
  • People with children who manage to race a lot must have SUPER support systems.
  • I want to do more yoga.
  • Maybe 2016 should be an attempt to do some kind of yoga every day.
  • Yeah.. right. Life gets in the way too much to make some kind of daily goal like that.
  • Brushing my teeth each day, that’s an accomplishment.
  • Although… Year of Yoga could make a fun blog series.
  • Year of Brushing Teeth is not fun blog fodder.
  • I’m not committed enough to this site anymore to make a series like that. Old school blog, yes. New school blog, nope.
  • Something like that takes a big support system too.
  • How do other people get through day-to-day life?
  • Why does my kid’s school close for parent-teacher conference day?
  • And I’m not supposed to bring her to the conference? Don’t they know they are my sole source of childcare? It’s generally frowned upon to let your dog watch the kid.
  • Unless you’re in Peter Pan’s world. That dog is the babysitter.
  • Damn, those parents are screwed up.
  • Where’s my off switch? I just want to sit in silence without thinking all the thoughts.
  • Meditation fixes that.
  • Yes, but meditation is HARD.
  • I heard coloring is supposed to be as good as meditating.
  • And who has time to meditate?
  • This feels like a big circle.

Lumo Lift – Wearable Posture Sensor [Review]

Another gadget that I played with in my Lumoid box was the Lumo Lift. It’s a little clip that hooks onto your shirt and tracks your posture. When you slump, it sends you a little vibration to wake you up so you stand up properly again.

Inside the box: you get the device, a charging base, a couple of magnet clips and a bra strap clip.


The first day I tried using it on my bra strap, thinking to myself “This is great because it puts the entire thing hidden out of site! Nobody knows I’m wearing wearable tech this way!” But it kept buzzing me, even when I felt like I was sitting up straight. I finally figured out the problem as I was pulling my bra strap up as it buzzed me.


Maybe it’s just me, but I have a hard time with bras and they always fall off my shoulders. That’s an entire topic that could be covered in a post (or a multitude of posts) separate from this. So to sum that up quickly for this topic… ill-fitting bra means no solid measurements from Lumo Lift.

So I watched their little video about how to wear it, to make sure that I had it positioned properly.

Once I figured that out, it was easy to clip into place. The silver clip would be less noticeable with this shirt, but I wanted to make sure I got a photo that kind of showed the scale of the clip when it’s attached to your shirt.


Sitting at my desk, I had few to no alerts telling me to straighten up. Playing with my daughter I got a lot of vibrates. Apparently it doesn’t recognize crawling on the floor, climbing up ladders and going down slides as good posture.

It charges easily via the USB charger. And the charging was pretty fast, I’m pretty sure it was just a couple of hours to charge it all the way.

There is an app available so you can set goals for yourself. Maybe a goal for 2 hours straight of good posture. You can also change the interval at which it bugs you about bad posture. So maybe for playing with my kid a longer interval would be smarter than the interval for when I’m at my desk.

Also, it’s important to note that it can be used as a daily activity tracker. Like any other tracker, don’t use it in conjunction with another step counter and expect them to match, especially given that this one is worn in a very different place than other wearables. (wrist vs. collarbone)

It was fun to play around with it for a few days, but I don’t see a need for it long-term for myself. But if you have posture struggles, this could be a handy little tool. Particularly if you’re in the same spot for long hours (desk work!), it will keep you in check.

They’re available for order via Amazon for $79.99.

Disclaimer: I bought the Lumoid box myself, nobody asked me to post anything this was all my own interest. Opinions here are always my own.