OptiShokz Crowdfunding Campaign

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I love running, I love technology, and the intersection of where the two meet always makes me happy. In fact, if I could be paid to just test fitness and wellness technology that would be my dream world!

So I just wanted to share the new campaign from AfterShokz for their bone-conduction sunglasses. They’re really tempting me. As much as I like my Goodr shades, I would love to give these a go and see how they work. I have a pair of AfterShokz that I use on the treadmill. I don’t really like wearing them with sunglasses while running outside. (Combine a hat in the mix and it all gets really cumbersome on my peanut head!) But if you combine the sunglasses with the AfterShokz technology…. that seems like it could really work well!

Note: The ambitious side of me feels like I would love to share more of these campaigns on here. The exhausted, time-crunched, realistic side of me says, “Perhaps…. we’ll see.”

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