Sprigs Banjees Armband [Review]

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I needed a new armband for running, so I decided to order the Sprigs Banjees armband from Amazon. The other one I have is having velcro issues… meaning, the velcro strap is not holding. And that’s a problem. Nobody wants their phone flying off their arm midrun.


  • Lightweight
  • It pulls on, so no velcro strap to wear out
  • It’s washable


  • The strap to secure it goes right across the lightning port on my iPhone, and that also serves as the headphone jack.
  • The material is so thin, I’m pretty sure I’d sweat through onto my phone. I don’t want to sweat on my phone.
  • It’s nearly impossible to slide your phone back into the armband if you pull it out once the armband is on your arm.

I think this is an innovative design and it gets a lot of very positive reviews. But it just won’t work for me, I want to be able to pull my phone out to take a photo or respond to a Slack message if needed. And I want my armband to help protect my phone from my sweat. So this is going back… but I still need to find a new armband.

Have you tried this armband? Do you love it, because the people of Amazon sure seem to love it? How do you carry your phone on the run?


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