Have you ever used Aquaphor?  There are seriously so many different uses for this stuff:

  • On your feet on blister-prone spots or existing hot spots to reduce friction.
  • To prevent chafing or soothe chafed spots.
  • Protect the skin from wind.
  • Rub it in dry spots on your feet before running, put your socks on and run. It soaks in, moving spa treatment!
  • Diaper rash, drool rash, irritated nose under the skin from runny nose… plenty of uses for baby!
  • Cuticle moisturizer.
  • Protect minor cuts/scrapes.

I keep a tube in my medicine cabinet, in my nightstand, the baby’s room, etc. I like to put it on my feet and cover them with socks to sleep so my feet stay soft. (Except it’s too hot to sleep in socks this time of year.) Lately I’ve been banging my leg on the keyboard tray on my desk and it’s cut me twice. I’ve put a thin layer of Aquaphor on the cuts and it’s helped soothe them.

Aquaphor has a partnership with Chris Carmichael and they have a whole series of tips from him on their site, from triathlons to cycling to marathons, there are a bunch of videos and tip sheets available.

Here’s your chance to win a prize pack of goodies from Aquaphor that includes Aquaphor Healing Ointment, $50 Visa gift card and CamelBak Water Bottle.

Aquaphor Gift Pack

You just need to enter via the Rafflecopter widget. There are multiple ways to get entries; commenting on this post, fans on Facebook earn entries, Twitter followers do too, and tweeting can earn you points each day.

The giveaway is open until June 25! Good luck!

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Disclaimer: All reviews are my own opinion, this product was provided free for the purpose of review.

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