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complaint form screenshotOkay, I’m not going to devote an entire week to complaining, but I’m going to get some things off my chest!

Body Issues

I feel a little like my body is a foreign land that I’m trapped in and I don’t know the language. There’s just something that feels a little “off” lately. I also feel like my body is progressively breaking down on me. I have sores just on the inside of each nostril that keep breaking open. I got a couple of milk blisters the week before my race. I got a clogged milk duct after the race. My chronically knotted back/shoulders/neck feel even more knotted up than ever. Sometimes when I reach to pick up my baby I feel like someone is stabbing a dagger in my upper back. (Okay, what I imagine that feels like, since it’s obviously never really happened.) My legs are covered in bruises of unknown origin. My right eye keeps blurring over. (Similasan Irritate Eye Relief drops help!) My skin feels more dry than usual.


I bought a gray cardigan at Target that is super cute (to replace a sloppy gray hoodie I bought off a discount rack 3 years ago for $5 intending to use it as a throwaway at a race, but it’s lingered in my wardrobe for too long) and wore it twice… and then it shrunk in the dryer. I didn’t dry it the first time it got washed, just laid it flat to dry but missed catching it this time around. Now, it’s worthless.

Some of my new flowy tops are fun additions to the wardrobe, but they’re annoying when breastfeeding. They tend to slide down on Alex’s face or over the pump since they’re more silky material. Also, the purple top’s sleeves are annoying for daily life (washing hands, chopping vegetables, etc.).

February 2013 Outfit Loose, gauzy top with purple skinny jeans from last month

I see lots of cute dresses all over fashion blogs and Pinterest, but I don’t think I can buy a dress now because 1) they don’t work while nursing and 2) I crawl and sit on the floor a lot while at home due to the baby and dresses aren’t really good “floor attire”.

My aqua skinny jeans stretch out at the waist after a couple of hours of wear, so then they start to fall down. Skinny jeans that get baggy in the crotch aren’t as cute.


I am hungry a lot of the time, my appetite has returned after being sick a few weeks back. Yet nothing sounds good to me except oatmeal with PB, trail mix, carrots and peanut m&m’s. Obviously I can’t live on only those! Meal preparation just feels like a big hassle and inconvenience! I’m pretty much over cooking because I feel like it’s kind of pointless since my hubby never eats dinner with me due to his work schedule. I know I have to eat, but for almost every meal I find myself feeling resigned about whatever I put together. Kind of “Well, I have to eat so I may as well have this.”

Trail Mix
Trail mix… peanuts and cashews and almonds and pistachios with raisins and cranberries and m&m’s and white chocolate chips. It’s our super-duper trail mix blend!


I’m soooooo tired. The baby has been waking up progressively earlier each day. I need more sleep, and I don’t want to start each day at 4:20. How can the baby only nap for 40 minutes during the day and then wake up so early ready to play? I thought babies were supposed to need 12 or so hours of sleep at night and several naps!

Awake Baby
This is what the baby looks like when she wakes up at 4:20 and has been awake for a couple hours.

That’s all the complaining I’ll do. But I did like my idea of complaining and sending things off into the technology void to just get them out of your brain. So I made the “Internet Complaint Form“. I think it would be funny if it got picked up and passed around! So if you’ve got something that’s bothering you, feel free to submit it and lose that burden!

Internet Complaint Form


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