Safety Precautions on the Run

When heading out for a run, we all know that we should take some steps to protect ourselves. Carrying a phone with you is a smart plan, but I know that not everyone likes to carry their device. Making sure to have some form of ID is also smart. I admit, I got pretty lazy for a while about taking ID with me, like it was too much bother. But then I had a nightmare about being out running with the baby, getting jumped by someone who took my baby and left me on the side of the road, no ID and no way to contact anyone. Terrible, but it prompted me to take that extra step again!

EmergencyLinkI recently learned about a service called EmergencyLink. You can sign up for free account and upload all your information, set emergency contacts, create an emergency plan and share that with family/friends. If you are in a situation where you can’t speak for yourself, as long as you have one of the EmergencyLink tags on you, a responder can call their 24-hour response center to get you the help you need. The tag kit comes with a card for your wallet as well as fobs to attach to your keychains/shoelaces/wherever.

EmergencyLink ID Kit

View EmergencyLink’s security and privacy policies

Right now they are donating $1 for every signup to the American Red Cross, Autism Speaks or the (George) Lopez Foundation.  You can choose which charity you support. Also, they are running an iPhone 5 giveaway for registered users. So you could protect yourself, share info with your family, send a donation to a good cause and possibly win a new smartphone, all for free!

Another thing I wanted to pass along is a tip my sister-in-law shared with me. She was driving through her neighborhood the other day and noticed a woman running on the side of the road. The woman extended her arm and pointed, to indicate her child riding a bicycle along as well. My sis-in-law said that while she noticed the woman running, she hadn’t seen the child and thought it was a really smart thing for the mother to do. Just a tip, make sure to point out your kiddos to passing motorists too! And remember for your kids and yourself; never, ever, ever, assume cars see you!


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