Yesterday the baby turned 5-months-old.  She:

  • Drools all the time and chews on her hands, clothes, burp cloths, toys, my hair, etc. Her doctor, nurses and school teachers keep telling us they expect a tooth at anytime, but that’s been the story for a month and a half now.
  • Laughs at things. The dog, tickling, funny faces or voices, peekaboo… lots of things make her laugh. Some times I don’t even know what is making her laugh, she just laughs.
  • Rolls onto her stomach and then gets mad when she’s been there for a while. She does know how to roll back to her back, she just chooses not to if we’re around.
  • Likes to stand up. No, she can’t do this on her own at all. We hold her hands and she supports weight on her legs, very wobbily. But she thinks it’s a blast.
  • Rarely poops at school. I think she saves it up for me.
  • Poops when she’s in the exersaucer. It’s the magic poop maker. If she ever gets constipated, I’ll just put her in that thing.
  • Sits at the dinner table with us (er… me, the hubby’s always at work) each night. She isn’t eating solids yet, but she does get to hang out at the table with toys.
  • Throws her toys on the floor all the time. She has figured out the game of “I drop this, mom has to pick it up.”

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