A Runner’s Guide to Healing Low Back Injury

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A Runner's Guide to Healing Low Back Injury
The Runner’s Guide to Healing Low Back Pain
by Erin Kanoa

This is available as a Kindle single or as a print guidebook, the first entry in a series for runners by Erin Kanoa. Kanoa has suffered some pretty grueling back injuries during her life: a bulged disc and a fractured vertebrae. Some people might let those injuries serve as excuses to stop moving, give up. Not Kanoa… she investigated ways to get past these and worked with a team of professionals to come up with a whole program to heal that focus on more than just physical rehabilitation.

The approach she takes uses physical therapy, chiropractic, nutrition, stress-reduction, massage, pilates… it’s an all-encompassing approach. This type of approach is something that I feel should be applied to all injuries. Just attacking your injury from a physical standpoint without addressing other facets of your life could prevent you from reaching full repair.

I really like her questions for “Sleuthing your Low-Back Injury”, simply because I feel they could be applied to ANY injury. Things like “What is your current stress level?” and “How restful is your sleep?” (and many more) can all be applied to any injury, something I think I would like to implement in coaching clients who have injuries. Hell… the questions could even be applied to your training periodically in hopes of PREVENTING injury!

The book offers some tips on how to choose your rehab team, more literature to read, tools that can be implemented, cautions and simple approaches to return to running without undoing all of your hard work. It’s a short, easy read but it’s packed full of good information. I’m looking forward to seeing Erin Kanoa’s other offerings in the series, which should be released within the next six months.

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