Crafting a Fitness Return

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With running intervals last week, I felt a sense of relief about returning to running postpartum. Granted, I only ran for 1 minute at a time (walked for 4) but I really felt like I could keep going. That was encouraging. I do know that I’ll have work to do to return to running and feeling healthy/strong as well as allowing myself time to heal after delivery… but I’m really thinking a lot about what I will do to get back into shape (and hopefully even stronger) once I can.

In addition to running (obviously I’m going to do that!), here are some of the things I’m considering:

MomBodFitness ReCORE Program

Yes, I want (and need) a strong core to be a good runner… but I also like that this program works on rebuilding pelvic floor strength. I’ve never thought about that too much, but after Lisa wrote a post over on The RUNiverse about peeing your pants… well, it’s something that’s been on my mind!

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Hundred Up

A running drill that dates back to the 19th century to help foster proper running form. This doesn’t look too strenuous, so I can probably start working on it fairly soon after delivering.

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Willpower Method

This program intrigued me before I got knocked up. I was actually planning on giving it a try once I wrapped up my Las Vegas RnR season with Team Challenge… but that’s the point that I discovered I was preggo. It is focused on foot fitness, but it’s also a complete body workout.

Source: via Jill on Pinterest

Ultimate Jump Rope Workouts

I was sent this book and I like the appeal that you can do shorter workouts that don’t require bulky, expensive equipment around the house. Plus, it doesn’t require that I need to leave the house, so perhaps this could be slipped into nap times, work breaks and such?

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My friend (and co-conspirator over at The RUNiverse) Chris said he got this system for his wife and she really likes it. I know I need to do more to build a comprehensive strength program, I wasn’t really dedicated to that aspect prior to pregnancy.

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Physique 57

I have heard that this program is a really good strength training program to complement running. I also heard that the instructor is kind of annoying… I guess I’d have to give it a try and see!

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JumpSport Rebounder

Okay, this just looks like it would be fun! But it also looks like good exercise, something that can be done at home while the kidlet naps or sits in a swing next to me (hopefully not screaming) while I watch silly DVR’d television (like What Not to Wear).

Source: via Jill on Pinterest

Granted, I can’t buy EVERYTHING. I do have to be discerning and decide what I think will work best for me. I’ve even started a Pinterest board where I can store ideas as I think of them. I have just over 5 weeks until my due date and a recovery period… so I have some time, but not forever. It will be nice to have some kind of approach figured out!
What workouts have you tried and loved? Especially things that can be done from home.


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