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I’ve listened to a few episodes of the Pregtastic podcast. It has some good info, but it also is very successful at freaking me out. (And the older episodes where they say “Being pregnant is PREGTASTIC!” makes me cringe each time.) The latest Pregtastic-induced-nerve-wracking-issue comes from the childcare issue.

According to what I’ve heard on there, once you are 15 weeks along you need to be researching and visiting childcare resources.

Yikes… I haven’t done that… and I’m 25 weeks along now. Oops…

Truthfully, I don’t know exactly what I want to do.

  1. Hiring an outside daycare seems ridiculous. I work in the home, why would I get up and drive my kid somewhere else and then come back home?
  2. I did a brief Google after the podcast scared me and there aren’t any infant daycare options near my home anyway. Driving a kid to daycare when I would have to travel 10+ miles each way seems REALLY stupid when I’m just going to be at home.
  3. Even though I’m home all day, contrary to what many people seem to think, I do have to work during the day. I have phone calls and video conferences to address. A baby would probably need some attention in there, beyond just periodic feedings.
  4. My telecommuting contract states that I’m not supposed to be taking care of other people during work time. (But it never mentioned dogs… Jade The Boxer, I love you puppy! You’re the best co-worker ever, even when you snore on the floor during meetings.)
  5. I looked at a nanny company and it sounded overwhelming. Too many terms I didn’t even understand. And mainly the testimonials came from people who said they used the service to keep watch on their children when they traveled to Vegas while staying at the Bellagio or something… I’m not that swanky.

So my solution is to ignore this. Especially because my husband’s feedback is “the baby will just sleep in its little bed next to you while you work.”  I’m no pro… but I don’t think it works like that.


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