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Hood to Coast DVD Hood to Coast is the world’s largest relay race. Teams of 12 runners split themselves into two vehicles and each runner takes multiple legs to run the entire 199 mile distance.  It lasts two days, and yes… runners continue through the night in the dark.

The Hood to Coast movie follows 4 different teams through their experience with the event; from planning and prep, throughout the race, and across the finish line.  The four teams are all from different walks of life:

  • The jocks that are trying to deal with how aging forces them to change their goals and values when it comes to running.
  • The family that is running in memory of a lost son/brother.
  • The team that has a 65+ year-old woman on the team who has run over 70 marathons, yet had a heart attack during the previous year’s Hood to Coast.
  • The rag-tag team from an animation shop that are overcoming their lack of athleticism.

You get the point of view from big names in running too, like Alberto Salazar and Bart Yasso… but the real magic is watching these people, EVERYDAY people, strive to overcome whatever obstacles may arise and tackle this event.

  • I loved watching how the runners on team Heart ‘n’ Sole watched their teammate to make sure her heart rate didn’t go too high, but still encouraged her and allowed her to accomplish this goal.
  • I loved watching the animators curse themselves for getting into this, and then the way they would finish a leg to say “That was awesome!”
  • I loved watching these groups of people, who you get to know throughout the film, all go across the finish line together.
  • And I loved how the movie helped portray the way a running relay can take a sport that is traditionally a solitary one and turn it into a team sport and the way they all have fun with it.

The movie is motivating, it makes you want to run Hood to Coast… or at least go out for a run in your own neighborhood.  I think anybody could enjoy this movie, runner or not.  But it’s another good one to have on hand for times that you need motivation.  I fully intend to watch it many times!

And I purposely timed this so that it would coincide with the announcement of the 2012 nuun Hood to Coast team.  Congrats to all the ladies that made it on the team this year, watch the movie and get yourself psyched for the event!

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