Night Photo Fails

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Jade The Boxer and I went out for a run at 5:30 pm, the exact time this weekend’s Las Vegas Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon will start.  My run had a few purposes:

  1. Get Jade some exercise. She destroyed her Squeaky Bird’s head earlier, she needed some movement.
  2. Get some running miles in for myself.
  3. Attempt to take photos at night in prep for the race.

Well, I had success on the first two… the last one wasn’t so swell.  I couldn’t get the pictures of Christmas lights in my neighborhood to really focus when I was standing still… much less while I was running.

Night Photo Fails

I would love to be a better photographer, I’ve just never taken the time to learn. And my point-and-shoot drives me bonkers sometimes because it tries to overthink things for me. “NO! Don’t use the flash now!” “Hey, you were already focused where I wanted you to focus, why did you change?”

But that camera is also a lot easier to carry while running than my DSLR is… so that’s what I’m taking and I’ll see what I end up with. My team may end up with photos that commemorate their big night as blurred figures. I’ll just tell them it’s cause they were running so fast! (And they’ll have the official race pics!)

If you have any tips on taking pics with a point-and-shoot at night in an area with a lot of lights (i.e. the Las Vegas Strip) please share them with me!


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