Zensah Seamless Running Bra

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Zensah sent me one of their Seamless Running Bras recently and I have to say…


Zensah Running Bra
This is not me... this picture was borrowed from Zensah's site!

This bra really rocks!  The material is soft and smooth.  It is comfy and doesn’t pull in strange ways at all.  I’m going to ask the local Fleet Feet store to get them in stock because they’re great.

Now, for a little comparison for those of you out there who need some details:
– I am typically a 30B bra size.
– I ordered this bra in a S/M size.

Back to the bra… it comes in 10 colors and retails on their site for $35.99.  I chose to get the bra in orange, so it could be my Team Challenge bra since Team Challenge colors are orange & blue.  Silly, I know… especially since nobody will actually see it to know what color of bra I am wearing. (Except now anyone who reads this post will know, “Jill wears an orange bra on Saturdays with her Team Challenge group now.”  So…. good for you!)

The majority of my running bra collection came from Target, with a random couple from Old Navy (I hate) and one from Champion (I love.)  With my recent rib injury (I coughed too hard with bronchitis and now I have strained ribs, but they’re not broken!) I’ve noticed that my Target bras HURT that rib zone.  The Zensah bra isn’t so tight that it is causing pain in my ribs, but it’s also supportive enough for me.  True, I am not overly… endowed, so that may make a difference for people who are stacked.

The bra is seamless, to help minimize the possibility of chafing.  The fabric is also supposed to have thermal regulating properties. This is something that is part of the Zensah technology. I didn’t notice an extreme difference in hot vs. cold, but if it is truly doing that… awesome!

I’m pretty sure this will become my new go-to bra. I will begin replacing the existing ones with the Zensah model, because I’m really happy with it.  Honestly.

PS – Do you know how hard it was for me to avoid phrases that I was fearful would bring in pervy Googlers?  Phrases like “itty-bitty-tittys” or “boobs”?  Oh darn… I just used them.  Hi Pervy Googlers!

This bra was sent to me for free from Zensah, but the gushing is 100% authentic.


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