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The good people at Build-A-Sign contacted me about making some kind of signage for my site.

And then I lost the email…

And then they reached out to me again! Hooray!

So I got to make some magnetic bumper stickers for my site.  Check it our “in action.”
(Disclaimer: okay, my car is parked here so it’s only kind of in action.)

Bumper Sticker

My only complaints are things of my own doing:
1. Wow… that bright white background REALLY stands out against my black car!
2. I wish I was more of a graphic artist and designed a pro-logo for my site.  But I’m rolling with this one… it’s on my car now!

I also have regular stick-on bumper stickers… so if you want one, leave me a note in the comments.  I’ll send it to you.  If you know of a place where you can place stickers (legally) in your city, stick it up there.  I know there are some restaurants and bars that allow patrons to put up stickers or notes, it would just be funny to see where my stickers could appear!

Thank you Build-A-Sign, for the fun way to promote myself!


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