Relay for Life 2010

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Last weekend I missed my Team Challenge run, but for a very good reason. I was helping my mom at the Relay for Life event in her town.

She’s on the planning committee for this event each year, in charge of registrations, online set-up and accounting. So each year I plan my schedule so I can be there on her crew to help with everything. I’m always a little more ambitious in my running planning than what I actually accomplish, but that’s okay. The fundraising aspect is more important in this case.

In the days leading up to the event we sort and organize hundreds of t-shirts so we can give those out to registrants. Then we make sure people who sign up at the event are entered into the system and we input donations that are received throughout the event so we can have a running tally for everyone upon event closing. It’s a lot of work and after a while our brains our completely fried, but I love it!

I did manage to run about 5 miles total over the course of two days, but much of the time was spent like this:

Iron County Relay for Life 2010
Wow my hair looks red here!

I did get to walk the Survivor/Caretaker Lap to kick off the event with my mom:

My mom and me in the Relay for Life
Me in my committee shirt and my mom is in her dark purple survivor shirt. And some other lady. (Edit: The other lady is Luann, my mom's neighbor and recent cancer survivor.)

Plus I got to run a few miles on Friday evening and a couple more early Saturday morning.

There are some people that run, some that walk and some that ride in strollers. There are people that sell treats on the sides of the track and all their fundraising goes to the American Cancer Society. There are little dancing girls performing at various times, which means they have family members that come to watch and contribute to the cause. There are bands that play. There is a DJ during band-less times. There are luminarias glowing around the track at night to honor/remember those who have battled cancer. There is a reverence and an energy all at the same time. It’s just a super cool event with a great atmosphere.

Have any of you ever done a Relay for Life event? And isn’t my mom super-cute?


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