Running through the Brain Fog

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This has been a rough week for me, again I’ve just felt crummy. Physically I’ve felt like my brain is in a fog, like my head is locked in a vice, my breathing has felt labored and my heart a little fluttery. And at one point I wasn’t even sure if I dared to venture away from my house to attempt a run, simply due to the fear of passing out on the sidewalk. I stuck to the treadmill that day. And emotionally I was feeling down much of the week yet again. Not sure if if the physical symptoms are bringing on the emotional struggles or vice versa.

But it’s also been weird in that once I’ve started running, my head has felt a little clarity. It’s like the running was a brief reprieve to the strain and burden my whole body was feeling. I thought that Tuesday night I felt that simply because I got to see and run with friends. But I felt that same “life” on Thursday’s treadmill run, and usually the treadmill leaves me feeling kind of irritable.

Yesterday I set out for my long run… long run being completely subjective. I still struggle to call it that when compared to marathon training. I was planning on doing 6 miles, but due to the fact that I went out without any set route and was just turning when I felt like turning… I did 7 miles. And they were 7 wonderful miles!

My weekly iPhone self-portraits:
01-25-10 Run 01-26-10 Run 01-28-10 Run 01-30-10 Run

I also ran a cumulative total of 1.5 miles barefoot on the treadmill this week, all just .25 mile at a time going 5mph. I will do that for another week, then make a decision on how I want to change it. I’m only doing this to strengthen my feet and legs as well as be more conscious of my gait. I have no aspirations to run a race with nekkid feet, so I’m not sure if I’m going to increase my distance on these barefooting runs or increase the speed.

I’m traveling for work next week, I always find it difficult to get in my workouts while doing that. I always complain about it, but it seriously feels like all the hours in the day just vanish!


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