Help Pick the London Marathon Soundtrack

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2010 Virgin London MarathonI was recently contacted by an online marketing company out of the UK that is working with the company AudioFuel to build a “running soundtrack” for the Virgin London Marathon. Basically, they know that us runners are often pretty passionate about what tunes get us moving on a run, so they are reaching out to runners worldwide to gather input to build a massive playlist for the event. The list will later be available for download via iTunes.

I think it’s pretty cool that they recognize the powerful motivation that can come from music and are trying to tailor their event to meet those needs. So much so, they even have an entire website setup about the concept: Music and Motivation. That site features playlists from celebrity runners and tips to help you keep your mental edge.

Here’s where all of us come into play… They want runners to fill out a simple nomination form to share their favorite tunes.

Nominate the track that motivates you!
(Nominate by February 1!)

They have also provided me with a link so that all of you can download a free AudioFuel sampler.

(Now I just need to figure out how to get to London to run that race someday, right?)


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