Rainy Running Tips, Let’s Hear ‘Em!

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All day long I grappled with whether or not I would go outside in the rain to run. Typically I run with my Fleet Feet pals on Tuesday nights, but when I looked at the hour-by-hour forecast on Weather.com the chance for rain increased with each passing hour. It was up to a 40% chance of rain by the time I was supposed to finish working and up to a 60% chance by the time my Fleet Feet run was supposed to happen. (And those numbers are HUGE for this area… most of the time the chance for rain is “Snowflake’s Chance in Hell”.)

I got some great tips from Terri over at Middle-of-the-Pack Girl about running in the rain:
– Wear a hat with a brim
– Keep the iPod under clothing layers
– short-sleeve or long-sleeve tech shirt under a jacket, depending on how much you heat up

But right when I finished work for the day, the rain started to fall… and it was falling hard! Thus I chickened out and hit my treadmill for 4.5 miles instead.

My reasoning is that there were some big puddles accumulating pretty quickly, so I didn’t want to have soaked shoes and feet. Plus, we rarely get rain in the desert. Without regular precipitation to wash it away, all the dust, motor oil, automotive fluids just build up on the road… so when we do get rain it gets kind of slick out there. AND when we get a little bit of wet weather, drivers become psychotic here. Not sure I trust being anywhere near them when they’re all that paranoid.

So the treadmill won out today.

But I’m still open to the idea of running in the rain… it has such a zen, peaceful sound to it.

Or perhaps I’m more open to the idea of running in a slight drizzle. (Let’s be honest here…)

But if I ever do venture out in the rain, I’d love to hear your tips on running in the rain!

What is your best advice for running in the rain?


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