A New Hill

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Yesterday I went for a run from my house, deciding to head down a road that I haven’t run in about 6 months. The reason I’ve avoided it is because they started doing construction and closed a significant portion of the road, thus making that route a little inaccessible. But I decided to explore and see if they are nearing completion on the work.

The downside: There is now a sign up that says the construction will continue until Fall 2010. This is due to building a new freeway overpass.

The upside: The freeway overpass will link me into a bunch of new areas to run AND they’ve turned what used to be a flat, lifeless section of road into a hill!

New overpass construction

This actually made me pretty happy! And since it was a holiday weekend, there was zero work being done in the area so I got to do a little exploring. It looks like it is going to be a pretty nice change! I look forward to having new ground to cover!

Jill running on January 3


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