Sunday Runday

This morning I woke up, got dressed and slipped out the door for a run. Seriously, from the time I woke up to being out the door it was only about 10 minutes. That never happens. It just seemed to be the essence of the whole “lace up your shoes and go” attitude that is so commonly associated with running… that I never have. The typical routine for me is the “get dressed, go to the bathroom, lace up the shoes, put on a bunch of gear, let the Garmin find the satellites, take off gear to go to the bathroom again, put gear back on, walk out the door, remember forgotten item, walk back in house, get forgotten item, walk out the door and go” routine.

Clouds were moving in this morning, making it a little more brisk than the day before. Yesterday I ran at 6:30 AM with friends and it was about 50 degrees when we started, so I assumed today would be similar. But it was definitely a little more biting outside. No matter, I just cranked some tunes and started to move, soon forgetting about the sharp breeze cutting through my shirt fabric. 45 minutes later I was pleasantly warmed up, I love that I don’t end up a sweaty, crusty mess when running in the winter (unlike summer when a horse might mistake me for a salt lick).

After I ran, I came back home and made myself some breakfast, let that settle a bit then I got to do a nice 50 minute yoga practice. Seriously, this could be my idea of heaven… a nice leisurely run and a solid yoga practice each day. That would be wonderful!

I’ll leave you with a couple of pics from my morning run. It’s hard to snap pics sometimes with the iPhone, since I have to remove my gloves to make it work and then the screen was reflecting so much I couldn’t see what I was shooting, I just held it up and took a pic hoping for something decent. I wanted to be able to see the snowy mountains in the background on the second photo, but that didn’t seem to work out very well. Oh well, at least you get to see a little of my running world!

Trail outside a neighborhood


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