Race Photos are Too Expensive

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The title says it all, but I’ll repeat it…

Race Photos are Too Expensive!

I respect the work that goes into shooting events and I do think the photographers should receive their compensation. But I also don’t think that we as runners should be gouged to get the pics. We’ve already paid hefty fees for race entry and sometimes travel expenses are involved. I don’t want to buy prints of all my race photos, I just want digital copies. And even then, I don’t want to spend $80 to get a CD or a download of print-ready digital versions. I’ll admit it, I’m cheap!

I think race photographers need to offer another option for getting digital versions of race photos: the web-optimized package. Most people probably would like to share their race pics on blogs, Facebook, email, etc. So if there was an option that cost about $25 where runners could get all of their images with a maximum long side of 600 pixels, that would be plenty big to share in online venues, but not high enough quality to print. And I imagine the photo companies would make even more money if they offered something like this because tightwads like myself might consider paying that.

I don’t want to steal the proofs and post them on my public blog so…

If you want to check out my photos from the recent Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas half, you can see that they actually turned out pretty decent. It seems that if I run by myself in a big race, the photogs actually find me!
View the 2009 Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Half marathon pics

If you’ve got additional thoughts on race photos, leave them in the comments!


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