Slower Than I’d Like

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I haven’t run since Saturday’s half marathon. That is driving me a little batty!

The trouble is my recovery is going a little slower than I’d like.

  • I managed to get a giant blister that covered the entire bottom of my right big toe during the race. So that took a couple days to feel better.
  • After plugging in my Garmin, I realized that I had about 2400 total feet in elevation drop… most of that happening over a few miles early in the race before moving into rolling hills. No wonder my quads are still aching.
  • I also discovered I ran 7:45 – 8:15 minute miles over that first 7 miles… which is SCREAMING fast for me. Yowzers…
  • An ice bath probably would have been in order for this race, but the hotel didn’t have a tub. It just had a stall shower. I tried running cold water over my legs, but it’s just not the same.

I was hoping to run today. I had planned to go on a run tonight. But I’m trying to convince myself that it’s okay to take another day off since I’m still feeling pain. I’ve been on several walks, I’ve done yoga… it’s not like I’ve turned into a complete sloth.

I just have to tell myself, “What would you say if this information came from a client you were coaching? You’d tell them it’s okay to get their recovery in and that they won’t lose their fitness from taking it easy this week.”

But it’s still hard… 🙂


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