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Well, I’m finally going to throw my hat into a “Take it and Run Thursday” topic. Each week the good people over at Runner’s Lounge put forth a topic and people in the running/blogging community offer their insight on the subject. It’s always a good resource for tips and tricks from runners of all levels. That’s something I like about Runner’s Lounge and blogging… it’s REAL people putting forth their successes and struggles. Okay, magazine articles are written by real people… but it’s not the same.

Anyway… back to the subject: Time and Balance
It can often be difficult to figure out how to squeeze seconds out of your day to fit in a workout. But it’s also important to not become the running nazi that has no life beyond the run either. Here are some things that work for me.

1. Schedule
Probably the most important thing for me is to create a running schedule that helps me know what my plans are for the week. That usually means that I am deciding upon what time of day I will run in addition to just specifying the days I will run. This is good because it gives me a chance to look at how I’m balancing strength and flexibility training into my running life as well and make certain I am balancing my efforts.

2. Flexibility
Wow… that’s a switch from the first step… but it’s something I’ve found important. Life is going to happen. You’ll have appointments or events to attend. It’s also important to remember to nurture your friendships and family relationships and not become so obsessed with getting your run in that you neglect those vital connections that all people need. Just remember that if something comes up, you can take a moment and assess your schedule to find a new place to get in a run… or even *GASP* miss the run on occasion.

3. Recognize Your Needs
I love running with my friends. I get to spend time with people that make me feel good about myself and have fun. (see item #2 – it’s important!) When I run with them, there are often times that I push myself beyond what is completely comfortable. That’s awesome, since that helps me improve. But there are also times where I just need to take it easy, go at my own pace and be in my own head. Different days may call for different running needs, it’s important to allow yourself to figure out what you need for your own mental and physical health!

What about you, what tricks do you have for finding time for fitness?


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