A Little Overheated

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Whew…. last night’s run left my blood boiling.

Okay, not really… that makes it sound like I’m angry. And I actually finished last night’s run with such good feelings inside. I haven’t run with my friends for a while and last night I got to see them. Seriously, I have the best pals in the whole world. You should all be jealous! 😉 Okay, honestly I just hope that everyone has equally good people in their lives.

But the heat last night? I don’t think my body was prepared to run in that. It might have something to do with the fact that just 2 days prior I was in Utah at nearly 6000 feet elevation scraping frost off my car and then traveled back down to Vegas into our newly arrived 90+ degrees.

I ran at Fleet Feet for our weekly fun run. It was a “special” run, celebrating the 1st anniversary of the store. We had a huge turnout; that was awesome! I hope these people continue to come run with us, that would be great for my friends at Fleet Feet.

It felt like I hadn’t run in eons when I went out for the run, which doesn’t make sense since I had run the day before. It was probably more the fact that I hadn’t made it to Fleet Feet for a couple weeks, but it was still a weird feeling.

During the run my calves were cramping up and I felt seriously overheated. I did have to take a walk break part way through, just to try centering myself. I was annoyed that my pace was about 10 seconds slower than my runs have been averaging lately, but that’s such a negligible amount, I shouldn’t care. I mean… 10 measly seconds. I’m not an elite, so that difference doesn’t mean anything.

Since it was the 1st anniversary run, we had refreshments in store. Thank heaven for fresh pineapple and grapes! They tasted so good and really helped me get my head functioning again!

Now my body needs to re-learn how to deal with the heat… I ran just fine throughout the summer last year, I intend to do the same this year!


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