Fuel Review: Fluid Recovery Drink

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Fluid Recovery

Recently I had the opportunity to try Fluid Recovery, a fruity-flavored recovery drink for post-exercise consumption. I have a friend who is a rep for the company, he gave me some sample packets of their Tropical Escape flavor. We’ve also had some of our Tuesday Night Fun Runs at Fleet Feetsponsored by Fluid, which means we all get Fluid at the conclusion of our run.

According to the manufacturer’s web site, here is how Fluid works:

Fluid is specially formulated to help the body recover from physical activity in four different ways:

  1. Fluid restores muscle energy levels with complex carbohydrates and all natural fruit sugar
  2. Fluid supplies muscles with ultra pure whey protein isolate and 2500mg of muscle supporting L-Glutamine.
  3. Fluid prevents aches, pains, and soreness associated with exercise by stopping inflammation before it starts.
  4. Fluid replenishes the body with electrolytes and provides immune boosting Vitamin C.

Fluid doesn’t contain artificial colors or flavors. Here is a list of the ingredients:
Maltodextrin, crystaline fruit sugar, whey protein isolate, L-glutamine, natural tropical fruit flavor, citric acid, sodium, soy lecithin, ascorbic acid, potassium.

And the nutritionals in 2 scoops:
Calories: 128; Fat: 0g; Cholesterol: 0g; Sodium: 250mg; Carbohydrate: 25g; Sugar: 8g; Protein: 7g

The optimal window for consuming a recovery drink is within 30 minutes of exercise. Consuming carbohydrate helps to restore glycogen stores and protein helps rebuild muscle fibers. The combination of the two works better than relying on a single macronutrient for post-workout fueling.

Fluid contains more glutamine than other sports/recovery drinks. Since it is combined with vitamin C, the two work together to stop the inflammation and free radicals that can build-up from exercise efforts.

I can’t necessarily vouch for if it has improved my recovery, since I would probably have to do a longer term test to verify that. What I can say:

  • The flavor is refreshing, it’s not overwhelmingly sweet.
  • I’ve had it mixed up and served from a pitcher and I’ve dumped it straight into a sports bottle with water and shook it up to create a foamier mix. Both methods work, but I like the foamy version a lot!
  • It contains a whey protein, which is a milk derivative. I’ve had troubles with whey protein added to sport drinks designed for consumption during physical activity. This has not given me any intestinal grief though, perhaps because I consume it postrun. In looking at their FAQ online, it states that the quality of whey they use is 99.9% lactose free, so most people who have problems with lactose should be okay consuming Fluid. Those with a true allergy to milk should exercise more caution.
  • I like that it isn’t a calorically-dense shake that leaves me feeling weighed down. Some recovery products are nearly full meals!

Visit Fluid Recovery online.


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