Turn Around

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For how fast that cold seemed to hit me, it seemed to leave nearly as quickly. By yesterday afternoon I was feeling pretty much back to normal.

This morning I went out for a run, after I woke up naturally on my own. For the past 10 months I’ve been waking up early to go run on Saturday mornings. And the past two weekends I have allowed myself to sleep in a little and slip out for a run when my body had decided it was rested enough. That has been absolutely blissful. It’s not something I’ll be able to do in another month or so as things will heat up here in Las Vegas, but for the time… I’m relishing that joy.

Anyway, this morning’s run was a little over 6 miles. My neighborhood is kind of on a hill. Not a big hill that is obviously a HILL, but gentle sloping streets all around. And I live at the high end of all this, so my runs usually have to start going downhill and the second half is always back uphill. Not exactly the most desirable way to do a run, but it has helped to make me a lot stronger on hills.

When I got home and put my Garmin back on the base to sync it with the computer I was shocked to see the calorie burn… 7974! Wow! If I had truly burned that many calories on a run I probably would have evaporated somewhere along the course.

I don’t know what caused my Garmin to flip out, I checked the user profile and it all looks accurate. This isn’t the first problem I’ve had in the short time I’ve owned it, it stopped syncing with the computer a little while back. The runs were all in the device history, but the computer and Forerunner wouldn’t talk to each other. I contacted Garmin and they had me wipe all the data out of the device with a hard reset. I lost the data from several runs, but at least the two started to talk again. That was a few runs ago, so today’s malfunction seems to be new from the previous problem. Hopefully it is done being temperamental.

All of you with Garmins… have you experienced troubles like this?

So a while back I said that I would try to start a “100 Days 100 Runs” challenge of my own, perhaps starting on February 1. Well, that is tomorrow… and obviously I’m not quite ready to begin that. I’m thinking February 15 may be a better time.

I’m also considering using Daily Mile as a way to record these runs, so if anybody wanted to participate with me we could log them all on that site. I recently signed up, Chris‘s urging was the final push… It seems pretty cool, except for the fact that if I run slow I’m putting it right out there in the public eye so everyone could see if I took it REALLY easy on a specific day. But then, everybody needs to run at their own pace so I shouldn’t be embarrassed if I have a slower day. I certainly don’t look at others performance to judge if they are slacking.

Here is a link to my profile on Daily Mile…. if you’re already part of the site and would like to be my friend, let me know!


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