If I Were a Rich Girl…

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I’d order a Walkstation.

Seriously, the human body wasn’t made to sit around like a sloth, we’re meant to move. And while a treadmill desk wouldn’t be a substitute for running since you’d have to go so slow all day, it just sounds like a really desirable way to spend a work day. I hate sitting in my desk chair all day.

But the desk does cost thousands of dollars, more than I have to throw around on my home office right now. Thus I may have to look into getting a SurfShelf, it is a platform to hold your laptop on the treadmill. While I couldn’t do all of my work on just a laptop (I need my dual monitors!) and I can’t imagine doing anything productive on the computer when you’re moving at a good clip, I could definitely take an hour break from the regular workspace to answer e-mails via my laptop while walking on my treadmill. That seems like it would be an ideal way to break up my day a little. Plus I spend plenty of time sitting on my butt reading and writing blogs after work hours… why not get a little bit of movement in while I do that?

Of course, my treadmill is a scary piece of equipment. I did my run yesterday on it and once again it was changing incline and speed at its own whim. I turned the incline all the way down to zero and it was still very obviously at a high incline. I finished my run feeling like I wanted to hurl. I was laying on the floor all sweaty and red-faced, chatting with people on Facebook via my iPhone when my husband got home from work. I think he was a little surprised to find me laying there like that, but the dreadmill kicked my butt! (It also took him stepping on it to get the incline to drop back down to normal, apparently it needed a more manly force to behave.)

Tonight I was supposed to run with my friends like I usually do on Tuesday nights, but about 10 minutes before I should have left the power went out at my house. It was sooooo dark, I couldn’t see anything. I stumbled around, using my phone as a light until I found some candles and a flashlight. The power was out for a solid 2 hours. Since it takes power to open my garage door and the gate to my community, I skipped the run. So now I’m switching up my schedule and going to run early tomorrow morning. It’s supposed to be in the low 30’s, so I’m not looking forward to being cold, but I need to get out there!


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