Packing for a Race

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The other night while I was running at Fleet Feet with my friends I brought up the subject about flying to a race. I’ve never had to fly to get to a race. It has always been car travel before, so I kind of got a little haphazard in throwing things around in the trunk. All the sudden I started to stress a little as I realized I had no idea how to travel for a race by air! Silly things like that worry me…

I know you’re supposed to carry on all of your race gear in case the airline loses your luggage. But I also need to carry my computer and my camera on with me. (My big camera, my DSLR… I’m making my husband carry it to take pictures on the course. I’ve never had any spectators waiting for me at the finish line in previous races. Hopefully I get some good pictures out of this! Plus we’re vacationing in San Antonio after the race, so I’ll want it during that time.) And if you’re allowed to carry two bags on and my purse usually counts as one, I’ve gotta get creative!

I’m flying out with my Team In Training group and my husband will fly out to join me the next day due to his business travels. Thus I can’t just make him carry certain items for me.

Runner’s World had a post on their site today that had lists of items to take with you if you’re running the NYC Marathon this weekend, but the information can translate to other race traveling. So I guess I need to make lists and lists and lists! Do you guys have any tips on traveling via plane to a race?

As for my running this week, I’m now in the taper period… which means that so far, nothing has really changed. My weekday run schedule isn’t any different than it has been for several weeks. I ran 5 miles on Monday, a little over 4.5 on Tuesday and I’ll probably get in another 5 tomorrow (if I can fit it in with our pumpkin carving plans!). On Saturday our run drops back to just 12 miles. But we’re also running at Red Rock Canyon again, so I get some pretty strenuous hill work.

I’m not really ready to truly taper; to slow down a little, sit back and rest before the hard push of the race. Logically I know it’s necessary, but my heart isn’t quite ready to take it easier. I’ve gotta get to that place. I guess there is a reason that there is an actual name for this phenomenon though, most people go through “Taper Madness”!


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