A Million Little Pieces

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Alright, so I stole the title of this post from a book. But the book turned out to be plagiarized anyway, so what does it matter? The statement perfectly sums up how my heart feels very frequently in this fundraising process.

I have a hard time asking people to donate. It took a lot of nerve and self-encouraging to send out an e-mail to all my family members. I wrote the message, hit send and my excitement surged. Some donations came in (for which I am immensely grateful), but when I didn’t get an immediate outpouring of response from everyone, my heart started to break.

But I patched it back together and took a couple more weeks before sending out a message to a bunch of friends. And the response was even more dismal. Several people just ignored the message entirely, no words of encouragement or even an acknowledgment of receipt. And my heart broke a little more.

I selected a small group of co-workers that I thought I had a pretty good connection with to send out a message to, I wasn’t about to spam my entire workplace and risk alienating those I didn’t know very well. I got one donation from that.

After some deep breathing into a paper bag, I decided to start my $1 campaign. I sent out messages to different bloggers all around and several people responded. My message was posted on other’s sites and people started to donate. And while the response wasn’t as huge as I had initially hoped, it was very exciting to receive donations of any amount from strangers around the web who have kind hearts. My heart started to stitch itself back together, but it’s still fragile.

I know I can’t just keep asking people to give money. I need to do something to EARN the donations. All of the suggestions on fundraising I’ve received seem to center around an office environment or a spouse’s workplace. As a telecommuter I don’t have an office I go into each day to get co-workers to contribute. I’ve e-mailed people, but that hasn’t turned up much and when they don’t see my smiling face each day, I fear they tend to forget about me! (Unless there is a problem, then I’m remembered.) My husband is too shy to approach his co-workers for donations on my behalf, so I’m on my own in this regard.

I don’t drink, I can’t really rent out a bar and have some kind of fundraising at a bar night. I’m not crafty, I can’t make cute things to raffle. I don’t know a lot of people who own their own businesses so I don’t know how to approach people for corporate sponsorship.

I can make websites and if people want a simple, informational web site for their small business, I would consider doing that for them if they donated a good chunk of change to my training. I can’t give up hours of my life for a $20 donation though. It would need to be a significant amount.

As recommitment to Team In Training approaches in September, I’m getting a little scared. I will have to give the LLS my credit card at that point. Even though they won’t charge it until the marathon time arrives (if I’ve missed my mark), I’d still like to be doing better. I’ve brought in a pretty good amount, more money than I’ve ever brought in through any kind of fundraising. But it’s still far off the mark.

So if anyone has fundraising ideas for me, please feel free to share them.

Tuesday Night Run:
It was very cloudy all afternoon, thunder and lightning… but alas, we didn’t get any rain. Just humidity. And while the temperatures cooled down a little by our normal standards, it was still 99° out. We ran 3.6 miles in 35 minutes though, so that means we had a sub-10:00 pace going. So even if I was soggy and gross at the end, I felt awesome.

Hundred Push-up Challenge:
Week 5, Day 2: 15, 15, 14, 14, 12, 12, 10, 24 = 116
I failed again… I was supposed to get 30 in that last set. Oh well, I’ll just do Day 3 this week and then repeat it AGAIN. I can definitely tell I’m getting stronger, who cares if it takes me longer to get to the magical number of 100.


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