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Today I had a really good run, I woke up early (but not too early since I have the day off work, just at 5:30 since I still need to beat the heat) and got a solid 35 minutes of comfortable running completed.

I wore a hat for the first time while running, a hat made by Brooks promoting my local Fleet Feet store. I have to admit, the freedom of not having to figure a way to keep my hair back (since it is too short for a ponytail now) was pretty nice. I think I’ll try wearing it again on my long run this weekend to see how it feels. I don’t want something that will make me too hot or uncomfortable, but I really appreciated the ease of just popping on a cap. (As opposed to popping a cap in someone… that’s entirely different!)

I found something interesting online today, the USATF Stretch Study. Basically they’re looking for runners who can commit to participating in a study on the benefits of a pre-run stretch over a 3-month time period. I filled out the questionnaire for the study and was placed in the non-stretching group. I rarely stretch before a run, instead I prefer to walk for about 5 minutes to warm-up. So, while this isn’t a change of pace on anything I’m doing in my current running, I can be part of something that might provide beneficial information for all of us runners out there.

But speaking of stretching, I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS stretch after a run. I usually do a few static stretches for various leg muscles right at the end, but then I spend 15 minutes doing this awesome yoga routine that I got from the iTunes store. It’s part of the Nike+ series they feature on there.*
Kimberly Fowler – Yoga for Runners: Express Flexibility
Express Flexibility

I’m a yoga gal, have been practicing since 1996 or 1997 so this is a routine that speaks to me. Yeah, it’s an extra 15 minutes out of my day that I have to plan into my schedule, but it has made a huge difference in how I feel after running. Plus, if you don’t know anything about Kimberly Fowler, she’s pretty awesome. She was hit by a car during a bike race, used yoga as part of her recovery process to eventually become a triathlete. After that, she was diagnosed with cancer and given a very short window to live. That was over 20 years ago and she is still going strong. I have heard really good things about her Yoga for Athletes DVD, which I would love to get. However I feel like I keep buying more and more stuff for myself with this running habit (there are so many fun run toys out there). Plus I have a birthday coming up, maybe I’ll use some birthday money to get it at some point. Actually, if I get any money for my birthday it will probably just go straight into my fundraising pot.

(Apparently I am the queen of parenthetical blog additions today.)

*Have any of you runners out there tried the Nike+ coached workouts in the iTunes store? What have your experiences with those been?

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