Oh Snap! Solo Long Run

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I am in San Francisco right now, just arrived a couple hours ago and will be here until Sunday evening. I’m excited to do lots of playing, to attend different sessions at my conference and to try sneaking in a short run in the (COLD) city.

But this trip did stress me a little because I knew I would have to miss my group run with TNT on Saturday. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my group runs. I have made some great friends (which is why I choose to go run with them during the week as well) and when you cover long distances it is nice to have some comrades to encourage you.

And even more than missing out on the social aspect, I knew I would be really ticked at myself if I missed out on covering the mileage. We had 9 miles scheduled with next weekend being a fall-back week to just 7 miles. I wanted to do 9 miles!

So, I mapped it out, woke up at 4:00 AM today and did 9 miles on streets around my ‘hood, all by myself. It took 1 hour, 30 minutes and 3 seconds. I am so freakin’ happy that I got that taken care of and now I can enjoy my trip without feelings of guilt!


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