Slightly Slow

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I did the same run as yesterday morning, only I did it in reverse. Unfortunately I was about 30 seconds slower than yesterday. Not a big deal and I keep telling myself that I shouldn’t stress about speed, I have no delusions of being a really fast runner. But it was still a little frustrating because there is a part of me that wants to be this graceful athlete with a good quick pace. Maybe the route is just a little tougher in reverse? (Keep deluding yourself, Jill!)

Maybe it was just being tired. I’ve been doing the dual alarm thing the past two days, one at 4:00 AM and then another at 5:00 AM. It hasn’t felt that difficult, but I am looking forward to only having one alarm tomorrow morning, since Wednesday is a cross-training day.

I had a fundraising clinic tonight, held by our local LLS office. I’ll post more about it tomorrow, I just want to curl up in bed with a book and then go to sleep!

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