Already Time Difficulties

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I knew training for a marathon would be a time consuming process. I went through it once before and for this event I’m going to be training even harder and (hopefully) more efficiently. But it still eats into your time, especially once you get into your longer distances. I certainly didn’t anticipate conflicts already!

My husband has to go to Oklahoma in June for work. He’ll be there for two weeks and we had the idea that maybe I could fly out for a weekend, allowing us the chance to explore someplace new together. Well, it turns out his trip is going to coincide with my first group training outing for TNT. I really don’t think I should miss my first group training. It seems really important to get to know my coaches and how the process will work.

But I also fear that I hurt Kevin’s feelings a little bit. I know he is supportive of me, as he is already planning to request time-off for the marathon so he can be there with me. (Which is a good thing, because the phone call he received from me after I finished the Phoenix marathon made him question my sanity. And also made him think my mother was dead. I guess that distance kind of messed with my thoughts-to-speech process and I sounded pretty wasted! Throw in a garbled cell-phone connection, well…) I just feel bad, like I’m letting him down a little.

I’m sorry Kevin. Know that I love you and I appreciate your support (and the support of all my family and friends) as I begin this incredible journey.

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